Michael Licona Debates the Resurrection in January 2012

“On January 11, 2012, Mike Licona debated agnostic Shane Puckett on the topic “Did Jesus Rise from the Dead?” Shane was ranked #32 in the world as a collegiate debater in 2000 and has trained 3 national debate champions. The debate was held at the First Baptist Church of West Monroe[, Louisiana].”

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/35376724]

(This link courtesy of Apologetics 315.)

This debate lasts 1:48:56.  A few days ago I posted a May 2010 debate by Licona which took place in South Africa and lasted 1:08:28.  In both debates, Mike is the first presenter. In both debates he presents his case based on the facts about resurrection presented in the letters of the apostle Paul as examined by standard historical methodology.  That is, Mike does not rely on the four gospels, or on the rest of the of the New Testament, to make the case.  One of his points is that, because practically all scholars believe that Paul wrote his letters before the gospels were written, his case brings us closer in time to the resurrection and makes for more confidence in the conclusion.  Therefore, the gospels and the rest of the New Testament would only reinforce that conclusion.

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