What’s the Message of the Bible in One Sentence?

Dane Ortlund asked a couple of dozen scholars and pastors to reduce the message of the Bible to one sentence.  He catalogs the answers in his post, What’s the Message of the Bible in One Sentence?

Here are my favorites from among them (the original post contains links for the authors’ names at each quote):

The Bible tells how the loving Creator God restored a lost humanity and cosmos through reestablishing his rule through Jesus Christ and the provision of life to His honor.  – Darrell Bock

God has made promises to bring His people to Himself and He is fulfilling them all through Christ.  – Mark Dever

Apprenticing with Jesus to become human again.  – Zack Eswine

God glorifies himself in the redemption of sinners.  – John Frame

Jesus is the promised Savior-King.  – David Helm

God is redeeming his creation by bringing it under the lordship of Jesus Christ.  – Kent Hughes

God, who made us and everything else, loves us and gave himself for us that we might live forever with him as new creatures in a new creation—the news is good!  – Phil Long

The message of the Bible is the transforming grace of God displayed preeminently in Jesus Christ.  – Sean Lucas

The Bible is the record of God’s promise of and deliverance through Jesus Christ.  –George Robertson

God reigns over all things for his glory, but we will only enjoy his saving reign in the new heavens and the new earth if we repent and believe in the gospel of Jesus Christ, who is the crucified and risen Lord and who gave himself on the cross for our salvation.  – Tom Schreiner

The first sentence that comes to mind is that of my colleague Michael D. Williams, who describes the Bible’s story about the world as follows: God made it, we broke it, Jesus fixes it!  – Jay Sklar

The main message of the Bible is that the one true God is displaying his glory primarily in redeeming and restoring his fallen creation by fulfilling his covenant promises and commands through the glorious person and atoning work of Christ.  – Erik Thoennes

Scripture tells us the story of how a Garden is transformed into a Garden City, but only after a dragon had turned that Garden into a howling wilderness, a haunt of owls and jackals, which lasted until an appointed warrior came to slay the dragon, giving up his life in the process, but with his blood effecting the transformation of the wilderness into the Garden City.  – Doug Wilson

He—God in Christ—shall reign forever and ever; so today if you hear his voice, do not harden your heart but believing the good news take up your cross and follow Jesus.  – Bob Yarbrough

My one-sentence condensation of the Bible would be “Jesus is Lord.”

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