William Lane Craig and Michael Licona on How We Should Understand the Resurrection Narratives

1. How Should We Understand the Resurrection Narratives? (Introduction) – YouTube.

This debate took place in South Africa at the University of Pretoria in May 2010.  It has been nicely divided into ten segments of, generally, about ten minutes each.  As you complete the first clip, you will find the link to the second just below it.  And thus you will be led through the entire presentation, clip by clip.  If you want to see the entire playlist in one place, go to this link.

The sound quality is somewhat poor, but you will be able to follow the talks.  There are four debaters in all – the other two being Sakki Spangenberg and Hansi Wolmarans.

In the tenth clip, Craig gives his own assessment of the debate.  You may want to watch it first to help you decide whether to invest the approximately hour and a half necessary to watch the entire event.

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