“The Warrior Messiah in Scripture and Intertestamental Writings” by Sook-Young Kim

Here is a sample (the first 14 pages) of Sook-Young Kim’s dissertation, The Warrior Messiah in Scripture and Intertestamental Writings.  Her work was subsequently published in book form and is available on Amazon here.  There you will find a favorable comment from noted New Testament scholar Craig Evans.

Here is Kim’s stated purpose:

The purpose of this study is to discover the continuity/discontinuity between the Old and New Testaments by utilizing the warrior Messiah motif as a test. The nature of the messianic warrior figure and his warfare will be examined to clarify whether both the Old and New Testaments present a matching picture concerning the warrior. Intertestamental writings will be also included to examine their support of this continuity or discontinuity.

In reading the sample, I am impressed with the author’s reading of the testaments and intertestamental literature, in which she does seem to find continuity in the description of Messiah even when it comes to the warrior role.

I was also encouraged to see that she referenced Walter C. Kaiser Jr. in multiple places.  This is because Kaiser has emphasized in his own writings the importance of understanding the messianic promise.  In fact, he sees this (he calls it “the promise-plan”) as the theme that ties together all Scripture.

Jesus Christ (i.e. Messiah) said that the Scriptures testified about Him (John 5:39).  That’s obvious when it comes to the New Testament, but He was, of course, talking about the Old Testament when He said it.

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