Timothy McGrew on “External Evidence for the Truth of the Gospels and Acts”

External Evidence for the Truth of the Gospels by Timothy McGrew – YouTube

From the YouTube description:  In this lecture, entitled External Evidences for the Truth of the Gospels, Dr. Timothy McGrew maps out the external and internal evidence bearing on the authenticity of the Gospels and explores some of the positive external evidence for their truthfulness. These include non-Christian sources and incidental historical confirmations. This is one hour of content followed by thirty minutes of Q&A.

Source:  Apologetics 315

Use the search box on this blog to find other references to works from Timothy McGrew.  Or you can search Apologetics 315 or YouTube for the same.  Of course, you can also check Tim’s site: Library of Historical Apologetics

For more on this subject, see Resources – Historicity of Jesus, His Life, and Resurrection

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