Satan, the Ruler of the World? « Near Emmaus

In this post Daniel James Levy references Second Temple Judaism literature as giving a background for better understanding New Testament references to Satan, angels, and the heavenly realm.  An excerpt:

“A lot of literature written during Second Temple Judaism attempted to answer the question of evil, suffering, and sin in the world. They often assumed the cause was fallen angelic beings. As well as this, they went so far to assume that fallen angelic beings had authority and dominion over nations. The book of Jubilees, a book dependent on the book of Watchers places fallen angels as bound before the great deluge. After this, their leader Mastema (a Satan or Beelzebul equivalent) asked God for permission to release one tenth of the evil spirits to execute dominion over humanity.”

Satan, the Ruler of the World? « Near Emmaus.  [Editorial note December 30, 2014:  this post is no longer being maintained, but I found this alternate post which provides some information on the topic:  Recommend reading on Satan in early Judaism.]

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