J.P. Holding Reviews Bart Ehrman’s “Did Jesus Exist?”

J. P. Holding has himself written an extensive critique of “Jesus Mythicism.”  An excerpt from Holding’s brief review of Erhman’s book:

In [Did Jesus Exist?] I detected something in Ehrman’s tone that I didn’t find in his other books: A sort of hapless, “why me,” “what the %&$#@ am I doing this for” exasperation which, if I drew Ehrman as a cartoon to represent it, would have him lying on the floor with his tongue hanging out. Not that he wasn’t right to be this way, which represents the paradox of dealing with the mythicists. Their clear objective is to confuse and overwhelm readers with so much information — so much of it bad information — that it would take, as Ehrman rightly says, three times as much effort to refute them point by point.

via Tekton Ticker: Book Snap: Bart Ehrman’s “Did Jesus Exist?”.

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