How Many Christian Denominations Are There?

Wikipedia (quoting Christianity Today) says there are “approximately 38,000” Christian denominations.

The World Christian Encyclopedia of 2001 counted 33,830.   (For a breakdown of these numbers, see this Fact Sheet, which also pulls data from the World Christian Database mentioned below.  Here’s a tidbit you’ll find in the fact sheet: There are 242 Roman Catholic denominations!  And another: It is estimated there will be 55,000 denominations by the year 2025, which does not say much for ecumenism.)

The World Christian Database carries “extensive data” on 9,000 Christian denominations.

The Hartford Institute for Religion Research says that the 2006 Yearbook of American and Canadian Churches lists 217 denominations, adding that it’s a “very tough question, because it depends on how a denomination is defined.”

We can therefore conclude that 1) there are a lot of Christian denominations, and that 2) there are so many that they are not easy to count.

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    1. On the contrary.. the Holy Spirit has led all to one path. But the hearts of men are deceitful and seek evil always. So when they find discomfort with a truth revealed to them by the Holy Spirit they choose a path that makes them feel better than accepting the truth of the matter and accepting God’s will over they’re own.

      1. Of course… because it couldn’t just be bulls*it, now could it? Silly people. It has to be that we aren’t complete without paying a church and believing in invisible people. Sad…

            1. As you said, anyone can quote from anything.
              You are just in a he said she said pattern.
              I feel quite comfortable using the old Catholic Encyclopedia along with the many conversations I have had with priests.
              Their records were internal and recorded the council much better than any later day group could have formulated.
              They are the largest holder of ancient texts for christianity, have been studying the christian religion for the longest time, and, unlike many christian groups that only started up in the 1900’s, they have roots back to the 4th century.
              I’m comfortable with them even though their inner cannon/laws are too self serving for me.
              You need to be careful where you quote from, not all sources are accurate.
              If your Tertullian is the one from long before the first council (150/250 AD)? Then how could he have known anything about the council? He knew nothing of the first council since I believe he died before it happened???
              Just another self made christian belief system that is being misused today.
              Be good.
              And remember, Only God Is Your Savior

            1. You are correct in your assumption and your question.

              You won’t get any responses that will settle well with you from christians.

              It’s been chewed up and spit out a thousand times and they just can’t accept the logic in your question.

      2. Speak for yourself , my heart is not deceitful and I do not seek evil ways, nor do most ?
        Why did God make tobacco ? He must have known the deaths and illnesss it would cause before we did. Don;t use the outworn ” freedom of choice ” argument as for the majority of its use we did not know, but He did.

        So many obvious points like that one more God made the sun, thank you , to give us life , oh it also gives us skin cancer . God do that on purpose or just made a mistake ? If any of us were desiging a sun and humans we would not make the sun give out dangerous rays or we would make humans impervious to them . Ooops silly God .

        Unless of course God don’t exist … ooooooooo now cope ! lol

        1. I am surprise to see that you don’t even ask yourselves why a government would permit a company to poison it’s citizens with a stick containing ”some” tabacco and over 450 poisonous agents!!!

          Don’t use the outworned ”freedom of choice” argument as for the majority of its use we did not know! 🙂

      3. It would appear to be a complete failure on the biblical god’s part to allow his beloved children to misinterpret his “divinely inspired” word in thousands of different ways.

        Either the biblical god is completely inept at distributing his “word” accurately or he doesn’t exist. After all, if he had the power to enlighten his children to the TRUE meaning of his book…wouldn’t he do it? I think he would if he actually existed.

        1. It’s an odd thing to say that because all the students in the class aren’t at the same level of knowledge, therefore the teacher doesn’t want, or isn’t able, to teach them.

          1. But if the kids leave the class believing he taught completely different things, it is the teacher’s fault. It’s like a math class where some of the kids think 2+2=4, some think 4.1 some think 27, some 9, and some think 2+2= “peach cobbler”, and every one of them can point to some part of the lesson that says that what they think is true.

      4. Tell that to the Protestants and Catholics (as just one of many examples) who have killed each other because they are on different paths.

        1. I think the Roman Catholic Church’s Encyclopedia and those documents on depsoit with them support my claims.
          You can only cite christian doctrine/cannon/laws.
          Nowhere in the OT is there any statement regarding the christian church or any other man made church. Sorry, but that’s just the facts.
          Everyone has a supporting source. Mine is just plain old God.
          “Besides me there is no other savior.” Can’t be Jesus then.
          You’d really be surprised what things they have spoken about over the past 21 Ecumenical Councils. It would make you wonder.

            1. D
              Actually it was @ 325/328 AD at the First Council of Nicaea (the First Ecumenical Council as some call it. there have been 21 of them in total.).
              Even Pope Leo X has a documented statement that is in the RCC archives (Roman Catholic Church encyclopedia) noting the profitability of the superstition of Jesus.
              But yes it is a concoction of man made, man written documents that even the Roman Catholic Church acknowledges do not date back to the time of the Jesus.

              But christians all over the world will tell you the new testament is 100% true but won’t admit that the Jesus was not actually born on December 25th. Yet people keep celebrating it don’t they? Why is that? Well if you tell one lie, you are bound to do it again and again if you get away with it the first time and christians all over the world are doing it every year. Christmas? Really? The birth of Jesus? Really? Even the RCC says it’s not his birthday!

              I’m not saying that ancient documents don’t exits. They do indeed.

              I’m saying that the ancient documents when translated verbatim (meaning not using extrapolation, textual criticism, interpolation and the many other creative means to invent this thing humans call christianity) they don’t say what the NT (New Testament) claims they say.
              And this is the easiest thing to verify by simply getting the original ancient text, have them translated verbatim and then compare it side by side to a current day bible.
              It’ll knock your socks off, believe me.

              But people have the right to believe anything they want. Christians, Muslims, Buddhist, Krishna’s, Sikh, you name it.

              However there is only one savior and God himself tells us that it is him and only him.
              Something like “Besides me there is no other savior.” Book of Hosea. Old Testament.
              Ought to be easy for all people to honor God as our savior and no one else. Unless we are to claim that God is wrong? I’m not going there.

              Humans, whatch going to do?


                1. Good enough.
                  No problem in my opinion.
                  We each have a free will and using it is better than not I’d guess.
                  My best to you.

      5. Let us assume for the sake of argument, that you are absolutely right. How then do we know what the ACTUAL truth is about what your god wants? The fact that you cannot says volumes about the truth of religion in general.

        1. No man made religion, and all religions are man made with the exception of the Hebrews – now Jews and even the Jews have wandered away from much of the original Hebrew teachings. One must remember, some Hebrews walked with God on earth. Jesus was a Jew not a christian so the belief that Jesus is the pillar of christianity is really hard to understand.
          Then again since all religions are man made it’s not any different from any other belief system such as Islam or ????? others.
          Man has to have a God. So he invented hundreds of them and ignored the creator, the original God (which is just a label man gave him).
          All you have to do is live a good life, believe truly in the Creator and try your best to live a life that he would be pleased to see.
          There are no requirements by God to be a member of any man made religion. This is mans doctrine which means nothing.
          Just be a good person and he will know in your heart you were trying to be the best you could be and you will enjoy everlasting happiness.
          No man, no man made religion can give this to you, only God can.

    2. The problem stems from the bible. Because people put their faith in the bible and not in the Living Spirit of Christ. The bible has become the god of the so-called Christian world and they interpret in many different ways according to their own minds. That is the problem with book religion and that is the reason that the law of Moses failed, no one could keep it. So after Jesus gave His life, God sent the gift of the Holy Spirit to lead us.
      Constantine (1st) beast compiled 50 bibles, legalized Christianity and set up the false prophet (pope). King James (2nd) beast, born 6/1566, 6th of Scotland, authorized a bible in 1611 that now has 66 books to control people with, an image of God’s word they make to speak (the bible says). By having faith in this idol, they break the new covenant of having faith in the Living Christ through the Holy Spirit who is the word of God. The bible is only history and has no authority. In fact THE BIBLE IS THE MARK OF THE BEAST!

      1. It is true that clinging to the Bible while rejecting the Spirit of God takes one away from God rather than toward Him. However, rejecting the Scripturesj in order to pursue the Spirit of God is equally counterproductive.

        Jesus is our example. He rightly saw that the problem with the Pharisees wasn’t that they clung to the Scriptures too tightly, but rather that they clung to their traditions and interpretations of the Scriptures too tightly. The solution therefore is not to reject the Scriptures but rather to embrace them in the Spirit of God, allowing this process to reveal the wrong ideas we have about God and the Scriptures so that we might abandon those wrong ideas and embrace God’s truths. Jesus was led by the Spirit such that His life conformed to what was written of Him. We should strive to do the same.

        We Have Something Eve Didn’t Have

        1. 2Timothy 3:16 All scripture is given by inspiration of God.
          [OLD Covenant]
          1Timothy 4:14 Neglect not the gift that is in you.
          2Tim 1:6 Stir up the gift of God which is in you.
          2Tim1:14 Keep by the Holy Ghost which dwells in us.
          NEW Covenant***
          Until you understand this you cannot be saved.

            1. Sorry, but absolutely off-topic, Mike.

              Just a more or less simple question. More than seven hours ago I wanted to post a lengthy comment on another blog site ( Although I tried it three times within a few hours, I gave up on it as I realized that gravatar can’t identify my e-mail address. Then I made a stab at other sites by only typing my address (particularly on sites). Sometimes it worked, sometimes not. How can this be?

              Also, on Oct 31, 2013 I posted a short comment with a “Christian Halloween poem” 😉 on the Gospel Coalition site which apparently is still awaiting moderation (though meanwhile a new article had been posted). It was not the first of my comments there that had disappeared completely.

              Just this minute I had another go on A Call to the Remnant since I had seen a new comment popping up there, but – alas, it was to no avail, again…

              I am at my wits’ end here. 😯


              1. Sorry about the frustrations, Susanne. Unfortunately, the solution is not obvious to me. I’d suggest trying to contact someone at each of the blogs where you’ve had the problem. The site for which you gave the URL has a FaceBook page which might be another way to reach a person about the problem. If you page around on the Gospel Coalition site you can probably find an e-mail address for the author on whose blog you’re trying to comment. Since the URL you gave and my blog are both WordPress sites, and you haven’t had problems posting here, it doesn’t sound like the problem is technical. But you never know for sure, so getting in touch with a living person is the best path to a solution. (Just as it is in life, with Jesus being that living person.).

                1. Thank you for your indeed helpful and kind reply, Mike. Much appreciated – after all those frustrations.

            2. Jesus gives the Holy Spirit to them that obey Him. But you are not obeying Him, you are obeying a doctrine of King James out of a 2000 year old book. According to the way you believe God has not spoken to bible worshippers for 2000 years. Jesus sent the Holy Spirit to lead and control us with, not a history book about Him. Ask Jesus to fill you with the Holy Spirit, you don’t get the Spirit by simply claiming verses from the bible. Only Jesus can fill you and He is alive today and the only way you can know Him is by the Spirit not from reading about Him from history. He has a Living voice and it is not in a dead letter book.

                1. You just told a lie; there are thousands of different denominations and they all say the bible is the word of God which is a lie. They cause divisions in the body of Christ which is confusion and it is of the devil.
                  Tell me what church you belong to and I can prove to you there are demons in it. Come out of her and be not a partaker of her sins. Jesus did not die so you could be led by a book. He died so we could receive the gift of the Holy Spirit which regenerates us and reconciles us back to God.

              1. It is obvious that you are frustrated with the direction of the modern day church. I am also. But do we blame the bible for that. It is ironic that on the one hand you base your faith numerous biblical principles, but on the other hand condemn the very source of those principles (the bible) that you hold near to your heart. Back when the disciples were writing scripture the church was on one accord – for the most part. 2000 years later the church has parted and went 10,000 different directions. People kind of make up their own rules as to how they are going to live their lives. But do we blame the bible for that? Or even worse call it the “mark of the beast (satanic)?” That may be one worth reconsidering. Scripture doesn’t change – people do; But it’s not scripture fault when they do.

                1. The reason that there are so many interpretations is that we are all human beings with our own agendas in life. Not saying that’s bad and not saying it’s good. It’s just a fact. I have read the Bible almost 20 times from cover to cover. It is reasonable to assume that with so many different personal agendas in the world that.there would be so many different interpretations.

          1. In reading many of the above comments, it is apparent that these persons know next to nothing about the bible and they think by criticizing God, Jesus, the bible, people, etc. that they can fool others into believing that they have knowledge of that of which they speak. However they come out looking real “DUMB.” I wonder why?

    3. Isn’t it more plausible that it is mythology and that’s why there are so many sects? If there really was a Holy Spirit you’d think he’d be a little better at getting the word out.

      1. Aaron,

        Your logic is not apparent to me. How would Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection as a myth be a more plausible explanation for the many different denominations than His crucifixion and resurrection as facts? Did all the disagreement about the O. J. Simpson verdict mean that he and Nicole were mythological figures rather than actual people?

        And how does the fact that people do not react uniformly to the Holy Spirit mean that there isn’t a Holy Spirit? Does the fact that people do not react uniformly to Barack Obama or Donald Trump mean that there is no Barack Obama or Donald Trump?

        1. Spend some time with an open mind and look up Tammuz and read about this God of the Babylonian time.
          His ‘fish hat’ which is now the ‘mitre’ hat the pope wears is an amazing thing to read about.
          Look up ‘paintings of Jesus and Krishna side by side’ and figure out how paintings thousands of years apart are so identical? Because it’s just the same old story told over and over again in a new civilization.
          The trinity? This is from the Babylonian times when they had a triad of gods they worshiped. They were Isis-Horus-Seb (wow! the same IHS that the catholic church uses in it’s worship! not a coincidence but a re-use of an older religion and nothing else).
          Jesus H Christ was used for hundreds of years. Where did it come from?
          Jesus was derrived from Julius Caesar’s first name that was altered by civilization after civilization until it became used as Jesus. H is simply Horus the second god in the triad of gods used under Tammuz and Christ is nothing more than the end result of Krishna’s name changed over the years.
          Christianity is nothing more than a man made religion like all religions are, man made.
          God cares nothing about a ‘religion’. He cares that there is a flow of justice and righteousness throughout his world as he said in the book of Amos, the prophet.

          The ‘new testament’ was created by a pagan ruler by the name of Constantine in the years 320-325 to appease the christian church which was very powerful at that time. It is not from the time of Jesus.

          Did you know that the name Jesus could not have even existed at the time we are told? The letter J was not even created or used until @ 1500 AD. How could we be praying to a person with a name that did not exist?

          1. Stephen, your misrepresentations of history are so many, and so far off base, that’s it’s too hard to know where to start in correcting you. Therefore, I will just make a general comment.

            The Old Testament and New Testament are comprised of reliable historical documents. Moreover, these two testaments are mutually dependent on each other. One without the other has no meaning for the modern world, but both together shine the Light of Christ that we so desperately need for the darkness in which we dwell.

            1. Well I have to disagree. The OT is simply the Jewish Word or Tanakh. This is the Jewish bible if they were using that term and it’s in (one form or another) every known bible in the world.
              The christian NT was simply called the NT to make it seem ‘more up to date, more current’ and they then called the Tanakh, the OT. Look up the historical facts surrounding the First Council of Nicaea and you will see the NT was created at this meeting in 320 to 325 AD by a Pagan Ruler, Constantine. 300 plus years after Jesus died?!
              You are wanting me to believe in a religion that a Pagan ruler created along with the NT? Really?
              God is the savior in Gods own words. I won’t turn my back on God’s words. That would be a horrible sin to commit.
              Jesus never said he was the savior unless a christian goes through extrapolation to obtain this. As I always say, just show me the words as I have shown you Gods words.
              Jesus’ name is not in the OT or NT. J never existed. Why not use his real name?
              If they create a name that is not in the OT/NT what else would they create?
              Just shaky ground to be on in my opinion but I respect your right to believe anything you want.

                1. Very simple. Previous to this Nicaea meeting all documents were here/there/everywhere. Most in conflict with others through translation/scribe interpretations and the ruling class wanting them to read a certain way.
                  Religious scholars worldwide agree on this. There was only a fragmented group, nothing in terms of cohesiveness or ‘one book’ for all to agree on and teach from.

                  The NT was the outcome of the First Council of Nicaea where the Pagan Ruler Constantine was charged with bringing together all of the thousands of churches, abbeys, etc. so that the ruling body of the times could ‘control the people and the religion they practiced’.


                  The christian/catholic/roman catholic church specifically wanted to rout out the pagan beliefs which is why Christmas is celebrated on Dec 25. This is not the birth date of Jesus. Even the Pope has made statements in agreement with this not being the birth date of Jesus and that the actual date is unknown yet assumed to be in August or September according to verifiable documents and astrological movement that can be verified.

                  The Pagan celebration was December 22 which was the winter harvest festival. This is all common knowledge. The church wanted to take the pagans over and this festival was a great starting point.

                  At this first meeting at Nicaea all the attendees gathered to go through, filter out, discuss, agree, discard, re-write, and complete the new thinking for the worlds christian church. It, the now known NT was assembled just after this meeting was over with all of the approved works.

                  We were not allowed to have the Gospel of Thomas or of Mary because the attendees did not like what was in these gospels.

                  The gospels of the 4 assumed writers in the NT don’t even agree with each other and one simply does not even speak of the resurrection. These gospels were written some 60 to 140 years after the death of Jesus. (there were no J’s in the time of Jesus, so what was his real name and why don’t we use it?)

                  Far too many falsehoods in christianity for it to be recognized as what it claims to be.

                  God said, in the book of Hosea, ‘besides me, there is no other savior.’ and I’m sticking with God. To turn my back on him would indeed be sinful.

    4. I’m not certain if the HS has anything to do with it. It’s just man being evil.
      The christian churches, some 40,000 of them worldwide still believe that Jesus is the savior when God himself says in the book of Hosea ‘there is no savior beside myself’. So here is God telling christians that he, God, is the savior of the world but christians turn their back on God and pick/choose Jesus.
      And don’t start off on that tyrant about God and Jesus being one in the same. It’s only christian doctrine that says this, no other religion or pre Jesus existence ever stats anything like this. Christianity is no different than Islam. It’s a man made religion and nothing else.
      Christians don’t even know that Jesus, the name/word did not even exist! The letter J did not come into existence until @ 1500 AD, so there was no Jesus.
      The early Sumerian/Aramaic/Hebrew/Jewish languages didn’t even have vowels, or capital letters or spaces between words. So for ‘God’s’ sake lets tell the truth when we beat the drums of man made religion.
      There is a God.
      There is but one God.
      This one true God is our savior.
      Live with it.

    5. Who told you the Holy Spirit had anything to do with this? God is NOT the author of confusion. Who told you he had anything to do with this???

    6. This is not the work of the Holy Spirit. This IS the work of another spirit, the spirit of anti-christ. According to The Scriptures who did Jesus say is the True Church?

  1. I don’t know what got them so confused that they just don’t know that they belong to someone else, that is, to the unseen Christ, and not to the visible Church.

  2. Whenever i read these stats I smile at the absurdity of Christianity.
    You really would have thought that a god could have conveyed a less ambiguous message .
    seemingly this was not the case.

    1. God has conveyed one truth but satan’s very effective at manipulating people to believe that they’re pride is more important than what the Word says is true. The Bible is it’s only interpreter. No one person should establish doctrine upon one verse or another. The must take the whole and let the Bible establish the doctrine of the church.

      1. Apparently the devil is more powerful than god… Seems you may need to switch imaginary creatures as your favorite. 😉

    1. Ah…yes,Presupposition. And I wonder how many times over the centuries has an individual’s interpretation of their faith led to war, genocide, etc, Hmmm?
      Want a list? LOL! No, you’re not the type to let the truth get in the way of a good story, eh, MIke?
      Go check your history. Tis enough to make a strong man weep.
      If your god was real he would damn site sooner sit down with me than 90% of the hypocrites in your faith.

        1. We’ll see.
          See what? That 90% (at least ) of Christians are blathering hypocrites or whether JC would sit and have a beer with The Ark before any of you lot?
          Based on the character description in the bible this would be a bet you would lose, and i’d stake anything you like.

      1. Atheist or Agnostic? Based on your Egyptian handle I’d suppose Agnostic. You’re a seeker. A little jaded, but your the most likely candidate to receive an introduction if you pray and ask Him to come into your life. It’ll flip your lid.

        1. Yes Ty, I love talking to myself as if some old man in the sky is listening! Tell me, does prayer work? I thought “his plan” was divine! And if so, how does prayer work? Do you change the divine plan with your prayer? And if that was already in the plan why pray at all? Simple logic dictates that you are bat sh*t crazy!

          1. Considering how late you are to arrive at this particular post, Chris, having the surname Moses lends its own delicious irony! 🙂

            Been wandering, have you?

      2. Jesus Christ DIRECTLY opposed violence of any kind.

        It is the corruption of man & man-made religion that caused the wars you speak of.

    2. Why not ignore the POS that is your god? He apparently is ignoring everyone else… You guys need to get a clue and stop funding this make believe bullsh*t! Step into reality for once and out of Make Believe Land! Astonishing! 2000-3000 years ago there was a reason to be ignorant… But not today. You guys need to stop poisoning the humanity well with your delusions! God is make believe… Jesus isn’t real either. All the other gods are made up too… Wake up Alice.

  3. I prey all Christians are seeking His face,regardless of their denomination, and are trying to walk in His way.
    At a recent bible study,the large number of denominations was brought up. Our study group concluded that it is only important that you accept Christ as your savior,ask forgivness for your sins,repent and continue to seek his face. You can’t measure the Fathers Love . We are only saved by the GOD’S Grace..not by the good deeds we do. Our Christian faith is a journey;enjoy the walk!

    1. Prey, or pray? Very different things. One is real, and the other is not. Alot of priests prey on little boys… Prayer is utterly useless, unless you like hearing the sound of your own voice and enjoy acting like you are making a difference.

    1. Absolutely correct. And if you don’t mix with others who believe the same , keep it to yourselves, keep it out of educational institutions, keep it out of public places , keep it out of government and stop trying to spread it as if it is some sort of panacea then we will all get on fine.
      Excellent advice, MIke.

        1. And with that comment you have just confirmed what I suspected. What a plonker you are.
          That’s right! .Let’s make it a prerequisite for enrolling school children that they must all wear Ken Ham T-Shirts. Lol!

          ”T-Rex is Your Friend….and was once your neighbour”.

    2. Neither is the answer… It depends on the question you are asking Zealot. I need no imaginary person to fulfill me. I was born with what I have, and I will learn without the help of convenient stories to make it ok for me to oppress others and lie to kids. Silly Christian.

  4. I know jesus said that He was the way , the truth , and , the light and that no one was gonna come to the Father except through Him… Jesus said to call no man Rabbi and he said to call no man Father…therefore to me I will follow Jesus instead of Noah, Abraham, David, Moses, Paul ,or anyone else in the Bible .. Jesus warned us of false prophets… take heed of what Jesus says.. It is a Salvation issue!!!!

    1. please re-read my post… I said that I would follow Jesus and I in no way said that anyone was not… By the way be careful to call anyone Foolish for Jesus spoke of this word strongly

      1. Jimbo… he is blinded by Him! He can’t do anything without asking Him first. Mike is a zealot slave to the invisible man. 🙂

        1. If you believe that, why do you care?

          You are giving time & attention to something you don’t believe exists. THAT is silly.

  5. jimbo, you said:

    I will follow Jesus instead of Noah, Abraham, David, Moses, Paul ,or anyone else in the Bible .. Jesus warned us of false prophets…

    You appear to be calling Noah, Abraham, David, Moses, and Paul false prophets.  If you are not, please clarify.

    1. Jesus said that you search the scriptures for in them you think there is life….. I am just saying that I don’t need to confuse my brain with what was said to anyone or by anyone in the old testament ….or confuse my brain with anyone in the new testament that contradicts God or Jesus,… If you don’t believe that the will of the Father wasnt taught by Jesus maybe you would believe God himself when He said .. This is My son Listen to Him

  6. Indeed we should all listen to the Son of God. If you find it confusing to listen to those other biblical figures, then so be it. But to suggest that they are false prophets would be foolish.

    1. I said Jesus warned us of false prophets indeed .. and Jesus even said things about the old testament fathers and rebuked some of the laws that were written,,, Thus saith the Lord,,, that was not the will of the Father since creation,, I am just sayin that Salvation only comes through the Living words of Jesus Christ and not any one else… One Flock and One Shepherd,, Not 43,000 flocks each with many shepherds (clergy, preachers, rabbi’s Fathers, Ministers, and so on)leading others astray. therefore call no man Father or Rabbi. . Thus says Jesus Christ who has the truth from our only Father…Father in Heaven . . .GOD Himself

    2. They are false… and I am far from foolish. Where is your evidence? (Something other than a book written in the 4th Century and continually edited until the first copy was available to common people in the 15th Century… Yes 11 centuries later… 1452)

      So there are more errors in the New Testament than there are words in the New Testament… And this is what you base your existence on? Really? LOL! Seems someone needs a new role model Mikey!

      1. “Something other than a book written in the 4th Century”
        Are you Dan Brown or something? No Biblical scholar accepts the proposition that the Bible was written in the 4th century. All the texts were written in the 1st through 2nd centuries as evidenced by the statements of the early church fathers. You are climbing an uphill battle if you want to say that much is just simply fabricated. The canon of the New Testament was declared by Athanasius in the 4th century C.E. which might be where your confusion is coming from.

    1. Your mind is corrupt; when you were born into your family did your mother and father give you a book about them? You just confessed that you are not born into Jesus’ family if you were, the Holy Spirit would teach you all things. You know ABOUT God from a book, you can only KNOW God in the Spirit. We are His sons and daughters. WAKE-UP. Ask Jesus for the Holy Spirit.

  7. Jesus gave place to both the Scriptures and to the Spirit. So did His apostles. If you want to go a different direction, that’s up to you. As for me, I’ll stick with them.

    1. I’m with you on this; I believe that the bible is the history of the church, it is an excellent record. But there is only one bible that tells the truth, it is the Queen James bible. You can find it on amazon for $20. I’m in total agreement with you, but you must have the right bible, the queen James bible. (And no, I am not gay).

    1. I agree with you on that, but you missed the point of view. The “Queen James Bible’ is the only bible in the world that the editor tells the plain truth about the bible. Order your copy from Amazon $20 and read the editorial section in the front and your eyes will be opened. You will get understanding about all bibles and then you will look to the Holy Spirit if your heart is not reprobate. You can also read it at their website
      This is the only bible in history that the editors ever told the truth.

  8. You use the words of the Bible (e.g. “mark of the beast” and “Holy Spirit”) to discredit the Bible. That’s like appealing to the U.S. Constitution in order to besmirch the U.S. Constitution.

    Moreover, having discredited the Bible, you’ve left yourself with no authoritative source to back up your claims.

    You are being foolish and you are greatly deceived.

    1. I use the queen james bible as an authoritative record of history, these people tell the truth about king james on the editorial page. The only the bible in history that ever told the truth. You can get one from amazon for $20. You need one.

  9. The Catholic Church is the ONLY True Apostolic Church – the One founded by Our Lord Jesus Christ on the Rock of Peter (and all following Popes) and the only Church that contains the fullness of Truth. All other churches were breakaways from it, containing some elements of Truth (some more than others) but all sadly lacking in the validity of the Sacraments and much of the grace necessary for salvation.

    What you fail to understand by underlining that there are other branches of “Catholic Churches” – not as many as 241 by the way – is that ALL THOSE CATHOLIC CHURCHES, Roman, Greek, Byzantine etc., all recognise the Pope as the Vicar of Christ and confess the same Doctrines and Dogmas!! They may have different liturgies, rites etc., but their Faith is the same. This cannot by any measure be said of the thousands and thousands of Protestant churches who broke away from the “Vine” (repeating the sin of Adam and Eve to disobey God) and continue doing so, each one making up things as they go along. Sad!

    Come home to the One True Church that contains the Truth of the Teachings of Our Blessed Lord and Saviour. Your hearts will be filled with joy and peace, and you will discover the path to Salvation.

  10. In John 15:5, Jesus said, “I am the vine.”

    Yet you say, “The pope is the vine.”

    Your error could not be more obvious.

    Turn to the One who died for your sins and was raised for your salvation. He is the vine that never dies.

    1. I agree. I dont have a problem with a single leader, but he cant be a dictator either.He needs to be accountable with a sort of committee of leadership.When one single person is in complete control of the entire church without question, the enemies target is down to just one.

  11. Jesus warned us because time will come many will come the name of our lord Jesus Christ Matthew 24:4-5 “Jesus answered: “Watch out that no one deceives you. 5 For many will come in my name, claiming, ‘I am the Messiah,’ and will deceive many.” and there founder is a false prophet. Matthew 24:24 “For false messiahs and false prophets will appear and perform great signs and wonders to deceive, if possible, even the elect.

  12. The struggle to remain in one faith isnt new. In Jesus time there were issues and arguments.Paul argued with James and Peter, etc…Some of the problem was the style in which Paul talked.Peter addressed it because many thought Paul was teaching lawlessness-that the laws were done away with.These issues have multiplied even today.Paul said “Eph 4:5 One Lord, one faith, one baptism, ” and called all to be in unity of faith as he said in “Eph 4:13 Till we all come in the unity of the faith, and of the knowledge of the Son of God, unto a perfect man, unto the measure of the stature of the fulness of Christ:
    Eph 4:14 That we henceforth be no more children, tossed to and fro, and carried about with every wind of doctrine, by the sleight of men, and cunning craftiness, whereby they lie in wait to deceive; ”
    There was always factions, but the vast majority formed one faith, although it had incorporated non- Biblical things in it too, like Easter and Christmas, etc…This singular church remained until the reformation.By this time the power the church had and its evil practices were a huge problem, also some theological arguments against the church becoming wealthy from penance, as opposed to teaching repentance, which the bible calls for.Same as indulgences and infant baptism.In the 1500’s many Christians were killed for having english bibles-a penalty which meant being burned at the stake with their “heretic” bibles.There was too much power and fear from the church-inquisitions , witch hunts, you name it.It was obvious that the leaders were not followers of the bible.
    Anyways, the problem with division, is that the once solid foundation of faith (although it had festered under many Popes), was subject to interpretation without scrutiny.In an attempt to rid themselves of the old ways of the Catholic church, people like John Calvin became the “protestant Pope”. He claimed that he had the sole “spiritual understanding” of the bible, and those opposed to him saw death.He actively hunted down anyone who was an Anabaptist, even though the bible says that baptism must come from a person of their own free will, and not something forged into their sole unwillingly from an infant baptism. Many of these people were Mennonites (reformists following the teaching of Menno Simons ). Menno was actually ordained a Roman Catholic priest , but also saw the errors of the Catholic Church too.These Mennonites refused to fight back against both the Catholics, and protestants under John Calvin.They were drowned for their “heresies”, yet today all Christians believe and follow the fact that a person must come to God on their own, and accept Jesus, and the bible.
    Nowadays churches split over really stupid things, and the effort to understand the SINGULAR faith as a whole, has made way to everyone simply picking a church that has a faith that “tickles their ears” .If you want a church that doesn’t require tithes, or one that doesn’t force you to actually follow the bible, then you can search one out, and be very happy.
    One God, One faith, One baptism,One Savior. ~Emmanuel~

  13. Stephen,

    You’ve written a lot of words here but none of them answer my question. I asked you, “What is your source for thinking that Constantine created the New Testament?”

    The Wikipedia article to which you linked does not say this, nor does any other legitimate history of which I am aware. So, I ask you again, who has told you that Constantine created the New Testament?”

    1. I guess you are playing with words like christians do.
      I never said he personally created or wrote the actual NT.

      It was under his rule, his order, his mandate that this happened because he was a pagan ruler and the ruling religious entities wanted to bring all the different factions in under one religious heading. This helped keep him in favor with them.

      This is really odd that you don’t know these facts.

      Both the Roman Catholic and Catholic religions all have it documented to the last letter. And they have @ 1.5 billion members it is claimed.

      Are you not schooled in this area?

      Just asking, not making any claims.

      If you have never studied this then no wonder you have concerns about my statements.

  14. Stephen,

    Why do you keep making the same claim without naming the source from which you learned it?

    If you think that it was under Constantine’s “rule, order, or mandate” that the New Testament was formed, please tell us the historical source or sources that encourage you to think this.

    Constantine had no say in the contents of the New Testament. Neither did the Council of Nicea. Your inability to establish the historicity of your claim is telling you something.

    1. Well you can claim what you want but my catholic upbringing clearly taught me that the First Council of Nicaea did indeed form the NT from all the previous known documents and in fact many documents were destroyed because the church did not want them in the NT.
      We just have to agree to disagree.

  15. Stephen,

    Well, good. We now know the source of your view that the Council of Nicea formed the New Testament. All you have to do now is go back and review legitimate histories of the period and see that the New Testament was formed quite apart from any edict from Constantine or the First Council of Nicaea.

    Even Wikipedia, in its article on the New Testament, will tell you the following: “In 331, Constantine I commissioned Eusebius to deliver fifty Bibles for the Church of Constantinople. Athanasius (Apol. Const. 4) recorded Alexandrian scribes around 340 preparing Bibles for Constans. Little else is known, though there is plenty of speculation. For example, it is speculated that this may have provided motivation for canon lists, and that Codex Vaticanus and Codex Sinaiticus may be examples of these Bibles. Together with the Peshitta and Codex Alexandrinus, these are the earliest extant Christian Bibles.[118] There is no evidence among the canons of the First Council of Nicaea of any determination on the canon.”

    Be aware that Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code is a false source for history of this period for he also perpetuates the falsehood about Constantine, Nicaea, and the New Testament that you were taught.

    The contents of the New Testament were determined long before any church council declared allegiance to them.

    If you can come to the truth of this issue, you can probably come to it on the many other issues about which you are either confused or in error.

    1. One of dozens of accurate and verifiable publications that even the Roman Catholic Church agrees with.
      I really don’t expect you to read it since it proves my point(s) but one day you might and then understand where the Catholic church, the largest chrisitian entity in teh world stands on the First Council of Nicaea.
      Have a safe and wonderful Christmas, celebrating a false birth date. Assuming you do understand that Jesus was not born on December 25th as we have been lied to for centuries. It was chosen to compete with the Pagan winter harvest.
      Lots of interesting things out there if one knows the people and places to research.

  16. Stephen,

    The source to which you linked is not a reliable historical source. For example, here is part of a comment left by one reader on Amazon:

    “Though the author has claimed to have extensively researched his sources, many are flat out false. I happened to be lucky enough to own many of the books and even the encyclopedia edition the author uses as some of his sources. When looking up his quotes for myself, they simply were not there. Not on the page he lists and not even in the actual source. Not sure if he purposely was trying to deceive or he just did not check out his sources thoroughly (if he had been quoting a previous author who cited incorrect sources, for example).”

    I rely on the Bible.

    By the way, the Bible does not give a date for Jesus’ birthday so I do not concern myself with the issue. The point is to love and serve Jesus Christ. The institutional church is entirely beside the point.

    1. That’s the christians way out of everything.
      They don’t accept anything that proves different than their beliefs.
      And when they have something that is not correct, they just claim it’s their belief and that that.

      Just because you claim something is not credible does not make it so. The catholic church has already noted the fallacies in the Gospels and much of the NT being false, written and over written and re-written by later hands. You can’t fight the catholic church they are too accurate, too studied, too smart. And they finally realized they needed to fess up and try to repair the damages.

      You say you believe in the bible. I believe not.
      God says in the bible, “besides me, there is no other savior.”
      Therefore by Gods words in the OT are in stone.
      Jesus never said the words, I am the savior. But God did in fact say such.

      There is no place in the bible where God says he shares his being with anyone including Jesus. He is God, end of story. Jesus is not God. God is God.

      Even the Catholic church has many statements regarding the problems and false statements in the NT. They are the largest, most knowledgeable and has studied the ancient documents more than any other christian culture.
      Here are a couple of links that prove it all, and, the catholic church is cited in them.
      what Pope Leo says is so incriminating
      Feel free to use the catholic encyclopedia to verify anything you’d like

      You are a typical uneducated christian if education means knowing the sources to research the real truth.
      You are stuck in your beliefs which is why christianity is not liked by all other religions.
      Christianity has false stories, gospels, epistles; yet christians won’t believe Gods words and accept them as he says them, as in the book of Hosea.

      Christians have a great fall coming one day for turning their backs on what God has said.

      Cya, be safe

  17. Stephen,

    Your views are strange, self-contradictory, unbiblical, and unsubstantiated by credible historians.

    As for contradicting yourself, just a perusal of your own first link ( debunks much of what you claim in your comments. Have you even read it?

    People use the Internet to spread all sorts of nonsense. Be sure to check your sources, and don’t believe anything on a single person’s word. That’s why I offer chapter and verse for what I proclaim. Even Jesus didn’t expect people to believe Him on His word alone. The Scriptures and the Holy Spirit bore witness to what He said.

  18. the disciples preached
    1 repentance
    2 water baptism acts 2:38
    3 receiving the holy ghost
    read the book of acts its meaning action!
    don’t except any other doctrine it would be FALSE

  19. Jesus started the first, and only one, true Christian Congregation at Pentecost 33 ce. Jesus said at : Matt. 7:15-23. True Christians, will be known by their works. So the only true Christian congregation, follows in Jesus footsteps closely, by DOING, not some of God’s Will, but ALL of God’s Will… (1 John 2:17)
    So to answer the question, just research for yourselves and see their is only one true Christian Congregation.

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