We Don’t Need to Fix Christianity – We Just Need to Let Christ Fix Us!

Christianity is in crisis just as Andrew Sullivan has proclaimed it in this week’s cover story of Newsweek.  Let us not, however, worry for a moment about fixing Christianity.

Rather, we should set about letting Christ fix us – one of us at a time.  That is, I should let Christ fix me while you let Him fix you.  And I should let Him fix me whether you let Him fix you or not.  Our Lord is not interested in stirring a broad social movement in which human leaders get raised up over other humans in His name.  Rather, He wants to be the leader of each and every one of us, with each of us calling on His name directly.  Thus He is stirring not a social movement of human-on-human interaction but rather one of divine-on-human interaction.  That will be the most powerful movement of all.

Don’t wait for someone else to follow Him first.  You follow Him.  Be an example, not a statistic.

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