To the Folks at the Phoenix Preacher Blog

To the folks at the Phoenix Preacher site who accused me of preaching another gospel (a la Galatians 1:8) I refer you to the gospel I preach which is the same one preached by Paul and all the apostles:  1 Corinthians 15:1-4.

I presume this is the gospel by which you believe you are saved.  I am surprised you did not recognize it.

You have added many things to the gospel, and this blinds you from recognizing it.  Consider a meditation on Matthew 23.

Another Crusade… | Phoenix Preacher.  (Editorial note, as of April 25, 2014, it appears that the folks at Phoenix Preacher no longer maintain the page on which I was interacting with them.  Their home page is still active.)

2 Replies to “To the Folks at the Phoenix Preacher Blog”

  1. brother mike,
    just wanted to drop a note to say i think some on that thread @ PP treated you poorly at best and with irrational malice at worst. I want to apologize for them as one who also has recieved the same from time to time. We as the Body ‘must’ learn to disagree agreeably if we ever have a hope at understanding each other and reaching the lost around us with the Gospel of Jesus.
    Thank you for your effforts.

    In Christ

  2. It’s a privilege whenever we can bear witness to our Lord. Keep testifying for Him and He will bless you.

    We humans can be confused, in error, and at even hold views at odds with one another, but there is only one Lord Jesus Christ. He is Lord over all. The Bible is His word, and it also testifies to His words that He speaks to our hearts as we seek Him and obey Him.

    There is nothing more rewarding than obeying Jesus Christ.

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