Undesigned Consequences as Described by Tim McGrew, Interviewed by Frank Turek

On his radio program, Frank Turek interviews Dr. Timothy McGrew on the subject of undesigned coincidences,  a concept which reinforces the validity of the New Testament record.  Independent witnesses will have different details of an experience which, when brought together, reinforce each other and fill out the account of what actually happened in ways that the witnesses did not even necessarily intend.

There are two separate 55-minute programs involved.  Both can be found at this iTunes web page.  Here are title and dates of each:

Undesigned Coincidences with Tim McGrew   –   7/30/11

External Undesigned Eyewitness Confirmations with Dr. Tim McGrew   –   8/11/11

(I have previously posted on this subject from Tim McGrew and you can find that post here.  You can also search on this blog for “mcgrew” and find access to other resources from him.)

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