The Titanic as a Metaphor for Life

It has been one hundred years since the Titanic sank.  Why does the story still have such a hold on people?  Perhaps because it is a profound metaphor for our life in this world, and speaks to us at a primal level even below our conscious awareness.

No one who boarded that ship – whether crew or passengers – had plans to sink.  And yet sink the ship did.  Whatever plans those people had were set completely aside once it was clear that the ship was not going to make it.  It was what those people thought and did from that moment on that revealed their true character and what really mattered to them.

This world is going end in death for everyone.  Will we show kindness to those around us and consider their lives more important than our own?  Jesus is like a passenger on the Titanic who sought only to save the lives of others and gave up his own life in the process.  We can do the same.

Therefore, let us stop thinking about the grand plans we have for life and, instead, invest ourselves in living for the glory of God and the good of others.  “What does it profit a man to gain the whole world…?”

Repent, and follow Jesus Christ our Lord!

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