Alleged Historical Errors in the Gospels by Tim McGrew – YouTube

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In this lecture, entitled Alleged Historical Errors in the Gospels, Dr. Timothy McGrew critiques seven of the strongest objections to the historical reliability of the Gospels of Mark and Matthew. This is about 55 minutes of content followed by fifteen minutes of Q&A. If you want the powerpoint, go to

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This is PART 4 of a series of lectures:

01: Who Wrote the Gospels?

02: External Evidence for the Truth of the Gospels and Acts

03: Internal Evidence for the Truth of the Gospels

04: Alleged Historical Errors in the Gospels

05: Alleged Contradictions in the Gospels

06: The Resurrection of Jesus

This video lasts 1:12:55.

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Who Will You Elect as President?

Oh, did you think I was talking about the office of president of the United States of America?  No.  I was asking who do you elect to preside over your heart?

This is not an election that takes place in November.  It’s an election that takes place with every thought you have.  Who is it that sits, presides over your thoughts, and passes judgment on them for you so that you might focus on your righteous thoughts and dismiss the unrighteous ones?

Do you have no one to preside over your thoughts?  Then you are living in spiritual anarchy.  No wonder your life is troubled.

It’s a lot more important who presides over your heart than who presides over your country.

Are the Jesus Mythicists Just Another Christian Denomination?

What is the difference between Mythicists, Dispensationalists, Calvinists, Arminians, Catholics, Protestants, and so on?  I can’t really discern any.  Each represents a different view of Jesus Christ, yet for this very reason are all intellectually-focused on Jesus Christ.

And like all denominationally-minded people, there is a lot of groupthink that goes on among Jesus Mythicists.

Mythicists will surely object by saying that they don’t believe in Jesus, but with some of these denominations believing in Jesus is not a requirement.  What’s important is believing something about Jesus – and on that count, the Jesus Mythicists score as well as any Christian denomination.

The More Obvious a Fact, the Less We Write About It

Jesus Mythicists complain that there’s not enough proof of the historical Jesus in the New Testament for anyone to say that Jesus ever existed.  In this argument, they usually start with Paul and claim that his silence about the earthly ministry of Jesus is proof that Jesus did not live the earthly life portrayed in the gospels.

Yet it is commonplace that we should write less about the more obvious facts.  We write about points we want to make, or facts we want others to remember.  We don’t write about things that are perfectly obvious to them.  Paul did not write proofs of Jesus’ historicity because his recipients were not in doubt about that fact.  And so, we seldom write about things already obvious to our readers that don’t need to be emphasized.

For example, up until now, I have written nothing in this post to explicitly make the point that I know how to type.  In fact, while I have written hundreds of posts, I don’t think I have ever stated in a single one of them that I know how to type.  I only mention it here in case any Jesus mythicists are reading this post and feel that, in the absence of my making such a point, that my ability to type should be doubted.

Of course, the Jesus Mythicists won’t be satisfied with this because I have not proven that I know how to type.  After all, they would say, someone could be doing it for me.

“Extraordinary Claims Require Extraordinary Evidence”

It is said that “Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.”

That’s why the claim that God loves us is backed up by God taking upon Himself human flesh and dying on the cross.

And that’s why the claim that Jesus was raised from the dead is backed up by the testimony of outstanding citizens of an ancient nation who were willing to die in order to bear witness to it.

Instead of Going to Church We Should Live with the Lord

Going to church is by definition an occasional activity.

Living with the Lord is by definition a continual activity.

Living with the Lord will do far more for your moral quotient than going to church. Moreover, its effects are continual rather than occasional.

Joining Christians Is Not the Same as Joining Christ

Many Christians will tell you that you cannot join Christ without joining them.  That’s just not so.

Joining Christ is one thing.  Joining Christians is quite another.  I encourage you to do the first and forget the second.

You can join Christ right where you are.  Just look to Him, knowing that He sees your every thought.  Acknowledge His love for you and His authority over you.  Commit yourself to live for Him, and then spend the rest of your life doing so.

Joining Christians means going to church.  That’s superfluous activity.  You don’t need new people to love; you need to love the people you already know – especially those for whom you are responsible.

Join Christ.  He will not reject you.