Pastor Andy Stanley and Father Robert Barron See Eye to Eye on the Importance of the Church – Just Not the Same Church

Andy Stanley, Senior Pastor of North Point Community Church in Atlanta, recently preached this message (Part 5 of a series called “Christian” titled “When Gracie Met Truthey” April 15, 2012; the link may only take you to the series, leaving you a little more navigating to do on your own to get to Part 5). ¬†Around the 39:15 mark, Andy says,

“The church is to be the dispenser of both (i.e., grace and truth).”

This point of view is quite similar, if not identical, to that of Roman Catholic Father Robert Barron of Chicago, who on this YouTube video (1:54 total) talks about “the sacramental system” (meaning the sacraments as administered by the Roman Catholic Church) as God’s normal means of grace.

If a person listens to both of their messages and wants to act on what he’s heard, to which church should he go?

(I learned about the Andy Stanley video through this post from Al Mohler’s blog.)

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