Using Google to Find a Passage of Scripture

There are many online Bibles and study tools.  I thank God that we have so many resources.  But there is one thing Google itself can do of which I have not yet found an online Bible site capable.  That is, Google is very helpful for finding the location (i.e. chapter and verse) in Scripture of a passage you recall.

With online Bibles you usually have to decide which version (i.e. English translation) you want to search before you search it.  The problem with this is that you don’t always know which version to search, because your memory of the passage is fuzzy.  With Google, all you have to do is type the line as you remember it in the search box and Google will almost always “detect” that you are searching for a Bible passage and return a location to you.  Thus Google is, in effect, searching all Bible versions for you.

For example, if I remember “He will lead you and guide you into all the truth,” Google will return John 16:13 even though there may not be a single English translation that has the exact words in the exact order of my phrase.  Most online Bible sites I have used an exact match on words.  Google is much more “forgiving.”

So, in addition to all the wonderful online Bibles and online study resources, don’t forget Google itself.


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