Claude Gives Us Paul’s Letter Outline

In this comment on James McGrath’s blog, Claude shares an outline for Paul’s particular style of letter writing.

Here’s the loutline:

I Salutation

A. (From) Paul (and his associates)

B. to (name of the recipients of the letter)

C. “Grace and peace”

II. Prayer for the recipients’ faithfulness (including a summary of the two basic themes in section III) [Thanksgiving Period]

III. (Theological) reflections on two basic themes: [Letter Body]

A. The situation of the recipients

B. Paul’s authority as an envoy to the nations [Apostolic Parousia]

C. Addendum: An update on Paul’s travel plans

IV. Ethical exhortations or advice [Paraenesis]

V. Closing

A. Greetings

B. Benediction

McGaughy, Lane; Schmidt, Daryl D.; Hoover, Roy W.; Dewey, Arthur J. (2011-06-01). The Authentic Letters of Paul (Kindle Locations 451-456). Polebridge Press. Kindle Edition.

Follow the link to Claude’s comment to see the context of this excerpt.

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