The More Obvious a Fact, the Less We Write About It

Jesus Mythicists complain that there’s not enough proof of the historical Jesus in the New Testament for anyone to say that Jesus ever existed.  In this argument, they usually start with Paul and claim that his silence about the earthly ministry of Jesus is proof that Jesus did not live the earthly life portrayed in the gospels.

Yet it is commonplace that we should write less about the more obvious facts.  We write about points we want to make, or facts we want others to remember.  We don’t write about things that are perfectly obvious to them.  Paul did not write proofs of Jesus’ historicity because his recipients were not in doubt about that fact.  And so, we seldom write about things already obvious to our readers that don’t need to be emphasized.

For example, up until now, I have written nothing in this post to explicitly make the point that I know how to type.  In fact, while I have written hundreds of posts, I don’t think I have ever stated in a single one of them that I know how to type.  I only mention it here in case any Jesus mythicists are reading this post and feel that, in the absence of my making such a point, that my ability to type should be doubted.

Of course, the Jesus Mythicists won’t be satisfied with this because I have not proven that I know how to type.  After all, they would say, someone could be doing it for me.

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