Are the Jesus Mythicists Just Another Christian Denomination?

What is the difference between Mythicists, Dispensationalists, Calvinists, Arminians, Catholics, Protestants, and so on?  I can’t really discern any.  Each represents a different view of Jesus Christ, yet for this very reason are all intellectually-focused on Jesus Christ.

And like all denominationally-minded people, there is a lot of groupthink that goes on among Jesus Mythicists.

Mythicists will surely object by saying that they don’t believe in Jesus, but with some of these denominations believing in Jesus is not a requirement.  What’s important is believing something about Jesus – and on that count, the Jesus Mythicists score as well as any Christian denomination.

2 Replies to “Are the Jesus Mythicists Just Another Christian Denomination?”

  1. The point of the post is that though Jesus Mythicists would not call themselves Christians, they behave in the same manner as many who do call themselves Christians.

    Even so, it doesn’t matter who considers themselves Christian. What matters is who God considers worthy of His name.

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