The Unbearable Straightness of Being – By Mark Steyn – The Corner – National Review Online

 “Americans have no idea how few gay people there are“:

The Unbearable Straightness of Being – By Mark Steyn – The Corner – National Review Online.

From the article to which the article above refers:

In surveys conducted in 2002 and 2011, pollsters at Gallup found that members of the American public massively overestimated how many people are gay or lesbian. In 2002, a quarter of those surveyed guessed upwards of a quarter of Americans were gay or lesbian (or “homosexual,” the third option given). By 2011, that misperception had only grown, with more than a third of those surveyed now guessing that more than 25 percent of Americans are gay or lesbian. Women and young adults were most likely to provide high estimates, approximating that 30 percent of the population is gay. Overall, “U.S. adults, on average, estimate that 25 percent of Americans are gay or lesbian,” Gallup found. Only 4 percent of all those surveyed in 2011 and about 8 percent of those surveyed in 2002 correctly guessed that fewer than 5 percent of Americans identify as gay or lesbian.  (Underlining added.)

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  1. The color photo at this site evidences the power and glory of the Master of the Universe.
    I was dissappointed to not reach Mark Steyn’s article. Didn’t expect straighness referred to homosexuality. Songs from the Gay Nineties were favoirites of picked up from momma.
    Always felt words were important. After musical theater rehearsals, late night coffee chats showed those with confusion and complicatied lives concerning their sex urge for those of the same sex, mostly male, were often not gay but sad. Lonely sad people can bring sympathetic [prayer for peace and genuine love for others. A showtune “Sing a Song of Sad Young Men” reminds me caring for those afflicted with difficult emotions is a blessing, even if mixed. jhk

  2. Sing a song of sad young men, glasses full of rye. All the news is bad again, kiss your dreams goodbye. All the sad young men, sitting in the bars, knowing neon nights, missing all the stars,
    all the sad young men, choking on their youth. Trying to be brave, running from the truth.

    Auntumn turns the leaves to gold, slowly dies the heart. Sad young men are growing old. That’s the cruelest part. All the sad young men, seek a certain smile, trying to gay, fpr a little while, tired little girl, does the best she can. Trying to be gay, for a sad young man.

    While a grimy moon, watches from above. All the sad young men, play at making love. Missbegotten moon….Shine for sad young men. Let your gentle light, Guide them home again.
    All the sad young men.

    email was recently hacked and 200 plus phony emails went to family and friends Locked yout for about ten days or more from email account. Changed address, password, cleansed drives and put in security with help from tech support. Blessings, jhkelly Hope song’s words reach deep.

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