Christians Want to Make Decisions and Join Groups

Many people make a decision for Christ, and then join a church.  In fact, many of them are taught that the latter is a necessary outworking of the former.

Such people keep practicing that paradigm.  That is, “make a decision and join a group.”

Thus they stay with one church until they don’t want to stay anymore.  They make a decision and then join another church.

This practice is also seen with respect to doctrinal issues or theological perspectives.  A person makes a decision about Calvinism and becomes a Calvinist.  Or he makes a decision about eschatology and becomes a ___________ (fill in the blank with Pre-Mill, Post-Mill, A-Mill, or something else).

This is a terrible way to try to live for God.  In living for God we should make a decision and then live according to it.  Therefore, we make a decision about Christ and then we live for Christ.  Living for Christ is a much more productive outworking of making a decision for Christ than merely going to church.

Living for Christ means living…for Christ.  That’s far more demanding than going to church (which can be accomplished in a few, maybe only one, visits a week).

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