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The first paragraph of this Wikipedia article explaining the term “Red-Letter Christian” is as follows:

Red-Letter Christians constitute a non-denominational movement within Christianity. Proponents of the movement believe that Christianity, and especially evangelicalism, has been exploited by both right-wing and left-wing political movements and become too partisan and politicized. As a response they endeavor to create an evangelical movement that focuses on the teachings of Jesus Christ, particularly in regard to social issues. The two most prominent figures associated with the movement are Jim Wallis and Tony Campolo.[1]

Notwithstanding this article, Jim Wallis and Tony Campolo are noted for finding common cause far more often with left-wing causes than right-wing causes.  In fact, note this external link at the end of the article:

Robin Russell. “Tony Campolo blasts Religious Right as ‘frightening'” The United Methodist Reported, May 03, 2006.  [Editorital note April 5, 2015: Sorry, but this link is no longer maintained by the hosting site.]

I take it that this article was written and edited by people sympathetic to Wallis’ and Campolo’s political views.  While their hope may be to transcend partisanship, they must think that the way to achieve it is for right-wing evangelicals to become left-wing evangelicals.

None of us should like to see the gospel of Jesus Christ co-opted for political purposes – by either side. Claiming that we’ve transcended partisanship when we’re only practicing a variation of it just makes matters worse.

Red-Letter Christian – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

On a peripheral point, Wikipedia articles, as we can see here, are sometimes written and edited by partisans.  As with any written material, we have to use good judgment and recognize that no human being can be truly objective.  To modify the line of another, though with far less lyrical elegance, “To be subjective is human, to be objective is divine.”

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