Antony Flew on Multiverse Theory – Apologetics 315

Anthony Flew was a philosopher and atheist who, in his later years, changed course with regard to the existence of God.

“Some have said that the laws of nature are simply accidental results of the way the universe cooled after the big bang. But, as Rees has pointed out, even such accidents can be regarded as secondary manifestations of deeper laws governing the ensemble of universes. Again, even the evolution of the laws of nature and changes to the constants follow certain laws. ‘We’re still left with the question of how these “deeper” laws originated. No matter how far you push back the properties of the universe as somehow “emergent,” their very emergence has to follow certain prior laws.’1 So multiverse or not, we still have to come to terms with the origin of the laws of nature. And the only viable explanation here is the divine Mind.”

—Antony Flew (There is a God, pp. 121-122.)

via Antony Flew on Multiverse Theory – Apologetics 315.

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  1. You must be aware that Roy Varghese wrote “there is a god” as Flew was too ill, Flew died from complications associated with Alzheimer’s disease shortly after “his” book was written.

    You have to ask yourself how much credence you would have given a book by Mother Theresa written by David Miscavage called “Xenu is real”? I’m guessing none!

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