Letter to Dr. Laura re: Homosexuality

I don’t know much about Dr. Laura, but this letter to her has apparently been making the rounds on the Internet  for a few years.

The letter is a very clever attempt to misdirect the argument about homosexuality, using parts of the Bible that Jesus made clear 2,000 years ago applied to ancient Israel and not to us.

While there are verses in the New Testament which speak against homosexuality (as well as against all sex outside of marriage), I think it’s wise to stay true to your heart before God on matters like this.  Jesus came to show us a way to live that doesn’t depend on rules in a book, but rather upon the conscience that He has given us.

Even so, the conscience He has given us, if not enlightened by the example He has set for us, does not always work properly.  People bury their consciences, and ignore them.  They taint their consciences by justifying personal pleasures, and then defend the lusts of others so they won’t feel bad about their own.  Many people turn the volume of their own consciences way down and live instead by the standards of other people.  In today’s society, that’s not a very high bar.

It’s impossible for us to win an argument about homosexuality, but we can set an example and be true to what we know to be right.  Sexual purity, which means sex only between a man and a woman within the covenant of marriage, is the way of God – no matter how much public opinion may want to contradict it.

See the letter in question here: Letter to Dr. Laura.

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