A Challenge to Liberal Bloggers to Write One Post About God

Liberal blogger Tony Jones laments the state of the branch of Christianity to which he belongs:

I’ve been writing recently about the problems with liberal Christianity, and I had a thought this morning. It was prompted by a recent phone conversation I had with the managing editor of a major publishing house, combined with my faithful listening to the Theology Nerd Throwdown podcast, and the silliness of all the hand-wringing about Chik-fil-A.

He goes on to say:

These have prompted me to think that progressives have a God-talk problem. That is, progressives write lots of books and blog posts about social issues, the church, culture, and society. But we don’t write that much about God. That is, we don’t say substantive things about who God is, what God does, etc.

Then Tony issues a challenge:

I challenge all progressive theo-bloggers to write one post about God between now and August 15.

I mean, all of you: Fred, Scot, Rachel, MPT, John Shore, everyone at the Patheos Progressive Portal, and all of you I haven’t mentioned or even ever read. Write something substantive about God. Not about Jesus, not about the Bible, but about God.

Thus he proposes that he and other liberal Christians write a blog post about God without reference to Jesus Christ.  And he wonders why liberal Christians have a “God-talk” problem.  As you can see, they actually have an identity problem.

via A Challenge to Liberal Bloggers to Write One Post About God.

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