Dialogue with Mitchell (re: Spiritual and Political Views of Marriage)

Mitchell and I engaged in the comments section of a blog post by Andrew Perriman.  In this excerpt I’m recalling my prior reference to Jesus’ interaction with the woman caught in adultery (John 8).

I’m merely trying to imitate Jesus, who distinguished between political and spiritual ways of addressing sin.  Of course, the main issue in adapting His example to our current context is that democracy expects its citizens to be more vocal about the laws they want than did the governements under which Jesus found Himself.

As for the Bible, while it does record for us the will of God I believe it also makes clear that the Mosaic Law was for an ANE context, not the age to come, in which we live.  Thus today the Bible speaks to our consciences in spiritual terms, and it is to the truth of God in our consciences that we must be true.  Not every person has read the Bible, and none of us completely understands it – but everyone has a conscience.  Adherence to conscience is not a guarantee of being right, but disregard of conscience is a guarantee of being wrong.  For this reason the word of God – and not merely that which is confined to print – is invaluable for the continual calibration of our consciences.

via Who else has argued that Gehenna is a place of historical judgment? I see one hand hesitantly raised. | P.OST.

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  1. What you said here about our consciences which work spiritually meets my very applause, Mike. After all, your last paragraph above is markedly profound at that.

    Without the help of the Holy Spirit, it is hard to know the unreal from the real thing…
    When you’re caught in the middle of a storm and all you can see is black and white, or when darkness gathers ’round you and you feel forsaken – who will be able to show you the true colors? And when it is getting hard to remember the days in the sun, just ‘give God and heaven a try’ since you are forever His child. He loves to be eternally around you whether the times are good or bad.

    Won’t you let Him who means every single word which is written be your light that’s shining bright? Indeed, any shabby place is heaven just as long as the bright light is with you (Ps 119:105, 130; Is 58:10-11).

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