Practicing Christ in the Presence of Christ

Christ is the image of God.

Christ now stands in the place of God.

Therefore, relating to Christ is relating to God.  And we know how to think of God because Christ demonstrated God’s nature to us.

In demonstrating the nature of God to us, Christ was also giving us an example to follow.  We are to imitate the sacrificial love which motivated His life.

Thus we are to practice the behavior of Christ in the presence of Christ.

There can be no greater guide for our behavior in this earth than this.  It covers the totality of our existence.  Christ is all.

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  1. ’Christ is all.’
    That’s the simple truth, Mike. Could we ever need more than Him now and for infinity?
    And ‘the sacrificial love which motivated His life’ will be our motivating impetus as well when He pours His Spirit into our hearts (Rom 5:5).

    His love will make you feel like you just hit the lottery. You might feel anything but strong enough and maybe even lost for words. However, you might as well get used to this when you are psychically in tune with eternity. And this will also help you keeping your faith when it’s gone again.

    Therefore, let us seek Christ’s presence all the more, so that our hearts will be filled down to the core 😉

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