Pat Buchanan Quotes on Moral Decline in Our Lifetime

Secularism is the religion of the elites. It alone is promulgated in public schools.

Abortion, a felony in the 1950s, is now a constitutional right. Homosexual marriage, an absurdity not long ago, is the civil rights cause du jour.  Dissent from the intolerant new orthodoxy and you are a bigot, a hater, a homophobe, an enemy of women’s rights.

– Pat Buchanan

Source:  Human Events

“Final” Comment to Brandon E – At Least For the Time Being

This post is related to a series of objections Brandon raised to me beginning here, and a series of questions I asked him beginning here.  

Brandon, I think I have a pretty clear view of your position on all the issues we’ve discussed and that you have a pretty clear idea of mine.  As a result, I think many of our comments to each other have become repetitive.  I don’t see much value in an unending and repetitive debate, and I assume you don’t either.  Therefore, I’m not going to respond further unless you want to raise some new subject or angle we haven’t covered.

If you like, you are welcome to go back and have the last word on any or all of our interactions, and/or here below as well.

I am thrilled that you call upon Jesus as Lord and look to the Bible as the word of God.  Each of us has strong views about what is true.  May God be judge between us, and may His truth prevail. And may His light shine brighter and brighter in all the world and may you, me, and every human come to know Him in the fullness of the way He deserves to be known.

Brandon E’s Objections: #11 – He Thinks I Have No Way of Finding Out if I am Wrong

For an explanation of this series, of which this post is a part, see Brandon E’s Objections:  #1.

Read Acts 18:24-28.  I read every comment to this blog (and respond to every challenge I receive face to face) looking to see if I am hearing from a “Priscilla and Aquila.”  That is, I listen humbly to see if there is understanding I should add to my own, or use to replace  my own.  As Apollos heeded Priscilla and Aquila I seek to heed all those who might speak truth to me (Ephesians 4:25).

This, of course, in addition to the listening to the Holy Spirit each day continues to teach me  just as He has taught me and just as He teaches all who look to God for a pure heart.

Brandon E’s Objections: #10 – He Thinks I Have Ascribed Too Much Importance to “Doctrinal Particulars” and “Secondary Matters”

For an explanation of this series, of which this post is a part, see Brandon E’s Objections:  #1.

When I used to hold a more traditional evangelical view as you do, Brandon, I, too, would relegate issues like the Second Coming to a secondary tier of importance.  However, when God revealed to me that the truth that the kingdom had come, this, ipso facto, elevated the issue in importance.

Here’s how: I had been ignoring, for example, the clear thrust of the New Testament which called for the coming of the kingdom of God in that generation.  Instead, I had been leaning on traditional church teaching along the lines that you follow.  It had never occurred to me to go back and take seriously all the biblical promises about the timing and the nature of the Second Coming and study them.  I had just put them out of my mind, and explained them away when troubling questions came up.  I had just been assuming – along with the rest of the evangelical and historic Protestant church – that the Lord’s coming would be physical and bodily and therefore obviously had not taken place.  Once I saw the clarity of the Lord’s promises regarding His coming, I could no longer deny them.   (By the way, I put the results of that study I finally did on those promises in the book Whatever Became of Jesus Christ?)  I realized that if these promises could not be trusted, neither could any of His other promises be trusted.

I also remembered that He told us to seek first the kingdom of God.  If the kingdom had come and I wasn’t seeking it, then I wasn’t obeying Him.  Moreover, if the kingdom of God had not come (and leaving aside for the moment the hole that would blow in the New Testament’s credibility) we should be doing the church the way it was done in the New Testament as we waited on the Lord to come.  Yet the church today is not acting like the apostolic church.  There is no one of them I could go to that would match what the apostles prescribed.  (You and I have been over this, and you never would tell me what church you go to and how closely it does or doesn’t match the one we read about in the New Testament.)

Therefore, the coming of the kingdom is directly tied to the integrity and faithfulness of the Lord.  If the kingdom has not come, then the promises were not kept, and Jesus cannot therefore be Lord of heaven and earth.  The good news is, however, that He has kept His word.  He is faithful forever.  And we can trust every single thing He says.  Oh, that we would trust Him more!

Brandon E’s Objections: #9 – There Is Not a Sufficient Quality and Quantity of Other Believers in Christ Who Proclaim What I Am Proclaiming

For an explanation of this series, of which this post is a part, see Brandon E’s Objections:  #1.

Brandon objects to my positions.  This includes the following:

One of Brandon’s most repeated objections – if not his single most repeated objection – is that he is unaware of others who proclaim or hold these views.

Does it give me pause that these truths are not commonly found in Christian tradition?  Sure.  Does it make me want to reexamine my understanding to be sure that it has come from God and not myself or some other source?  Yes.  Would I feel better if everyone were proclaiming these truths?  Yes.  Yes. Yes.

Nonetheless, at some point I, as a human being with a God-given conscience, have to make a decision about whether or not I will honor what God has shown me.  If I don’t, things will be that much harder for the next person to whom God shows these things….because I will have joined the silence and not the word of God.

I stand by all that I have written on this blog.  Amen and Amen.

Questions for Brandon E: #6 Why Did the Trinity Doctrine Take Multiple Centuries and Multiple Church Councils to Evolve?

This is the sixth in a series of questions for Brandon E which began with this first question.

When the apostles encountered a controversy about the status of the Gentiles with respect to Christ, they held a church council in Jerusalem.  They settled the issue then and there.  Subsequent to that apostolic age, it took multiple councils and multiple centuries to arrive at the understanding of God now called the Trinity.  Why did it take so long to resolve the latter when it did not take long to resolve the former?