Let Us Fully Invest in Christ

Is there any part of our lives that we have not yet invested in Christ?

Let us be fully invested in Him.

Let us not be partially invested…as if we cannot completely trust Him.

Let us divest ourselves of every other hope that all our hope might be fully invested in Him.

This is an investment that always pays off.

One Reply to “Let Us Fully Invest in Christ”

  1. Let’s stay true and close to Him whatever we do.
    Let’s tell Him everything and it’ll be alright (tell Him all that makes our heart burst and what we might like or wish).
    Let’s fall in love everyday with our lovely Lord.
    Let’s not get worried by the threat of wrong doing for God is love.

    Let’s invest all the best, build a nest, and find rest – lest we forget and regret though – He loves us yet.

    Well, and then He…
    Will always be
    For you & me

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