The Greatest Truth Known to Man Is that Jesus Is Lord

This post is written for Brandon E, but it has broader application.

The greatest truth known to mankind is that Jesus is Lord.  The second greatest truth known to mankind is related to the first: that is, the Bible is the word of God.  The relationship, of course, is that it is from the Bible that we can know that Jesus is Lord for it is the testimony of God through His prophets and apostles.

I can think of no truth greater than these two.

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    1. I basically said, “Amen,” I agree, in my second post to which I directed you. Jesus is Lord, amen! He even is the Amen (Rev. 3:14), and the early believers had a practice of calling audible upon His name, which is to say Amen to who He is and what He has done.

      But Mike, when you treat your combination of views–of which we are aware of only you arriving at through their own reading of Scripture–as being as certain and infallible as the marvelous truth that Jesus is Lord, can you see how that can be a problem? When you say that the reasons why others say Amen to Jesus as Lord wouldn’t agree when you would tell them that your views are the very revelation of God in Scripture, is that they are fleshly-minded, not spiritual, not repentant, not kingdom-seeking, not faithful to God and Scripture, can you see how your claims are not as certain as the truth that Jesus is Lord?

  1. Certainly, the claim that Jesus is Lord is one so explicit in the Scriptures that it presents itself to us in a clarity greater than many other truths do. That the Bible is the word of God, however, requires reason to believe as there is no explicit statement to that effect, nor even any table of contents from God to which we can point. And this need for inference and spiritual revelation is true of many other truths as well. And even going back to “Jesus is Lord,” people have interpreted this statement in all sorts of ways. Thus, saying that the meaning of “Jesus is Lord” is clear is not a point to which everyone who professes faith in Christ would agree.

    Thus your point that these two truths are categorically different from others in their ability to be proven and known does not stand. Nonetheless, these two truths do strike me as the most important, as I have written above.

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