Brandon E’s Objections: #9 – There Is Not a Sufficient Quality and Quantity of Other Believers in Christ Who Proclaim What I Am Proclaiming

For an explanation of this series, of which this post is a part, see Brandon E’s Objections:  #1.

Brandon objects to my positions.  This includes the following:

One of Brandon’s most repeated objections – if not his single most repeated objection – is that he is unaware of others who proclaim or hold these views.

Does it give me pause that these truths are not commonly found in Christian tradition?  Sure.  Does it make me want to reexamine my understanding to be sure that it has come from God and not myself or some other source?  Yes.  Would I feel better if everyone were proclaiming these truths?  Yes.  Yes. Yes.

Nonetheless, at some point I, as a human being with a God-given conscience, have to make a decision about whether or not I will honor what God has shown me.  If I don’t, things will be that much harder for the next person to whom God shows these things….because I will have joined the silence and not the word of God.

I stand by all that I have written on this blog.  Amen and Amen.

2 Replies to “Brandon E’s Objections: #9 – There Is Not a Sufficient Quality and Quantity of Other Believers in Christ Who Proclaim What I Am Proclaiming”

  1. Mike, I would suggest that you have a rather strange, Gnostic-ish approach to divine revelation (the self has a direct, self-authenticating line to God, not merely concerning fellowship with the true God, but concerning doctrinal knowledge over and against anyone who would disagree with us) that you think is normal, if you are the only one we know of who has arrived at your combination of interpretations of Scripture, you contradict the views of many persons who have studied the same topics and who have evidence of being at least as spiritual as you, and yet claim it is not possible that you could be mistaken about what God has or hasn’t really shown you. When you make such assertions, it treats many believers in Christ who have the same Lord and are interpreting the same body of completed Scriptures, and yet who believe that God has shown them things in Scripture that you contradict, as if it was not possible that their conscience could be right, that it is more than possible that they are self-deceived if its their conscience, but that self-deception on your conclusions is not possible if it’s your conscience, as if God is not concerned when we treat others like this but not ourselves.

  2. Truth is truth…even if no one is proclaiming it.

    As for the truths I proclaim, if you think they are wrong then declare what is right. Instead, you simply request me not to be sure of what I’ve said out of deference to the large number of more spiritual people who have not stated such beliefs. Following that process won’t lead to truth; it will just lead to general uncertainty about the things of God.

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