Current American Illegitimacy Rates

Moreover, while [baby] boomers [that is, those Americans born between 1949 and 1964] were almost all born into families where mother and father were married and living together, Hispanics [now] have a 53 percent illegitimacy rate, African-Americans a 73 percent rate.

Among the white poor and working class, the illegitimacy rate is now 40 percent — almost twice as high as it was in black America when Pat Moynihan wrote his 1965 report* on the crisis of the black family.

– Pat Buchanan [explanatory insertions and link added]

Source: Human Events November 6, 2012 Pat Buchanan: The Coming Age of Austerity

Can you not see a downward progression in societal morality?  This descent will lead to far worse consequences than government belt-tightening.  What will it take for us to wake up?

Repent and follow Jesus Christ – the one true light of the world.

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