It’s Not a Gender Gap; It’s a Marriage Gap

This article from CBS News (quoted and discussed in this previous post) breaks down the gender gap between the two candidates for president, and, in doing so, reveals that there is no gender gap.  Rather, there is a marriage gap.

While it is true that women favored the president by double digits this year, largely echoing his thirteen point lead among women in 2008, when you look deeper it becomes clear that there is more to this than just gender.

Mr. Obama’s support among women becomes clearer when you consider gender and marital status. While non-married women are overwhelmingly supportive of the president, 67 to 31 percent, married women favor Romney by a 10 point margin (54 to 45 percent). This pattern is apparent not just in the national polls, but in many of the swing state polls as well, including Florida, Nevada, Ohio, Virginia, and Wisconsin among others.

via Election confirms deep ideological divide – CBS News.

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