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    1. Remember, I’m an AMAZING atheist! I know exactly what that verse says! “The fool says in his heart, there is no god.” Well now, I am no fool. Matthew 5:22 right back at ya!

    1. >>>>>I harbor you no resentment. It’s just a foolish thought you’re carrying around in your head.
      Here you go again. I am one of the most amazing people in the world. Why I’m called “the amzing atheist”. Intelligent people don’t believe in god. Which god is the correct one any way?

    1. Sorry. I meant to comment on my misreading. You were saying that Jesus (who is God) followed a god (who he was). So God follows God. Is God scizophrenic?

  1. History records the life of a man named Jesus of Nazareth who claimed to follow God. You need to decide whether you think this Jesus is the kind of man whose judgment you are willing to trust. If so, there is more to learn from Him. If not, then just stick with whoever you are currently trusting.

    1. Okay, so God when he was a man, was an atheist and never worshipped anything. Atheist – not only does he not believe in a god but he doesn’t worship anyone either. Go Richard Dawkins! Go Christopher Hitchens!

  2. To worship is to ascribe the highest value. Atheists ascribe the highest value to man, and thus worship man.

    When God was a man, he worshiped God – as a man should.

    Christopher Hitchens is gone. Richard, too, will pass – as will we all. The good news is that everyone goes to heaven.

    1. So when God was a man, he worshipped God which was either himself or a man.
      As for Hitchens being in heaven, I don’t think he wants/wanted to go there.

    1. WOW! So Jesus was an amazing atheist too?!? This is AMAZING! I mean, if he gave up being God, and he supposedly is God, then there was no God when Jesus lived. I am an amazing atheist and Jesus is an amazing atheist! YAY!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

      1. You think God had so few workers that he could never afford to be away from the office? You’re never even aware of whether the CEO of McDonald’s is in his office when you buy a Big Mac. God’s operation is way bigger and far more sophisticated than a hamburger chain.

        1. It is quite common sensical and reasonable to say that God left his subjects in charge while he was away. However, you said “He had to give up being God when he was a man”. This would be like the CEO of McDonald’s temporarily giving up his position as CEO of McDonald’s. What this means is that the God ceased to be God.

          1. No, he simply gave up the prerogatives of God, just as the CEO of McDonald’s could give up the prerogatives of being CEO without giving up his identity as a person. There is, or was, a “reality” TV show called the “Undercover Boss” about executives who temporarily give up the prerogatives of their office to experience life as the employees experience it. If McDonald’s CEO chose to be on that show so he could flip burgers for a while, it certainly doesn’t mean that he could never reclaim his office. In fact, it was the whole point of the show that the undercover period was temporary and limited. Otherwise, how else could the CEO bestow awards to the worthy at the end?

            1. *sigh* We are arguing in circles at this point. So who did he worship when he was a man? Himself? If not himself then did he worship someone who wasn’t God? There is a group of Christians called the Jehovah’s Witnesses who do not believe in this Trinity nonsense and believe Jesus is a “creature”. (It is an impossibility for anything to be a creature since nothing was created.) At least they are more logical.

              1. He honored and obeyed the rules of “McDonald’s” – the very rules he had made when he was “CEO.” What’s so hard to understand about that? The only circle you are going in is one of your own making.

  3. Also, do a “christopher hitchens” search on this web site (“Search this blog” box on the right toward the top) and you will see that I have posted a number of times with reference to him. I found him an interesting and endearing individual. I cannot say as much about Richard Dawkins. Even so, everyone is going to heaven.

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