An Open Letter to George Will

During ABC “This Week,” conservative panelist George Will weighed in on what he called the “growing consensus” of public opinion regarding same-sex marriage.

via George Will: ‘Quite Literally, The Opposition To Gay Marriage Is Dying’ (VIDEO) (00:55).

Dear George,

I’m deeply disappointed in you.  Is the sanctity of marriage not a principle worth defending against the tides of human opinion?

Support for “gay marriage” is part of the broader coarsening of social morality.  The rising tide of immorality is indeed strong, but is that sufficient reason to sacrifice principle?

I had thought you were a careful thinker.  If the prior definition of marriage is to be struck down, what is the new one to replace it – and upon what source of authority is it based?

Indeed, you have deeply disappointed me.

Mike Gantt

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