Evangelicalism by David Hilborn – YouTube

David Hilborn views evangelicalism as a movement, and primarily in a British context.

From Hilborn’s presentation (he’s here quoting from Evangelicalism in Modern Britain by David Bebbington):

Four Marks of Evangelicalism

Biblicism (Scripture is central to understanding God and life)

Crucicentrism (The crucifixion of Christ is central to the Bible)

Conversionism (Therefore, a person should turn to God)

Activism (That change manifests itself in pragmatic behavior)

via EVANGELICALISM BY DAVID HILBORN – YouTube (24:56) from St. John’s Nottingham


00:00 Hilborn uses Bebbington’s framework to define evangeliicalism (as outlined above)

10:20 History and Origins (primary reference is the Protestant Reformation)

13:53 Puritanism, Pietism, and the Evangelical Awakening (including John Wesley).

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