The Bible Is About Jesus

The Scriptures Are About Christ

The Old Testament (that is, the Hebrew Bible) Is About Jesus Christ – His Suffering and Glory

Verses That Demonstrate How the Old Testament Speaks of Christ (Specific Examples)

Verses That Indicate That the Old Testament Speaks of Christ (General Statements)

The Bible Is About the Son, Not the Father

Those Who Wrote the Old Testament Foresaw Jesus

The Resurrected Jesus Made the Bible a New Book

What Does the Bible Say? Sum It Up!

Are You Making the Bible an Idol?

Jesus Is the Torah of God

No New Writings Were Needed to Launch the Movement of Christ

Why Should I Read the Old Testament Without Jesus’ Guidance?

Concerning Christ There Is Much to Say

Let Us Read the Old Testament as Jesus Taught His Apostles to Read It

The Bible Is the Book of Jesus

The Apostles and the Prophets Witness Christ’s Sufferings…in Dramatically Different Ways

The New Testament Explains That the Old Testament Is About Jesus

The Bible Is God’s Explanation of Christ

Consider the Old Testament Your Bible and the New Testament Its Commentary

The Bible: Its Subject Is Jesus, Its Author Is the Holy Spirit

Jesus Is Explicit in the New Testament, Implicit in the Old Testament

The Revelation of Jesus Christ

Are You a Student of the Scriptures…or a Student of the Lord?

Who Could Believe All Those Old Testament Promises Were About One Person?

The Jigsaw Puzzle That Is the Old Testament Portrait of Messiah

The Apostles Had Particular Insight into the Scriptures

The Apostles Did Not Write the New Testament to Replace the Old Testament

The Scriptures Were Written About Messiah

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