How ‘Inherit the Wind’ Stereotypes Christians – Phillip E. Johnson

YouTube description:

Ever see films, plays and news media portray Christians as a bunch of Bible-thumping, bigoted, blind-faith believing, reason-hating, science-hating, radical, intolerant, creationist fundamentalists who think the universe is less than ten thousand years old? All of these false stereotypes of Christians can be traced back to a play written by Jerome Lawrence and Robert Edwin Lee. This play is entitled ‘Inherit the Wind’. This play was made into a movie directed by Stanley Kramer and starring Spencer Tracy, Fredric March, and Gene Kelly. Phillip E. Johnson (author of Darwin on Trial) shows how this play has stereotyped Christians to the point where it has influenced the mainstream media, science professors and popular culture.

This is an example of how myths are made. ¬†Yes, myths are made in our “modern” age.

(This is an audio clip without any actual video.)

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