Roman Catholic Priest Father Robert Barron Acknowledges That the Church Fades Away When Christ Comes

Yes indeed, the church will fade away when Christ comes again. Last time I checked, friend, that hasn’t happened yet!  –  Father Barron

(Here’s his comment in its original context.)  My response to him was “You should check again.”

In the meantime, let the significance of what the good father has acknowledged sink in.  He is admitting that the place of the church gives way to the Christ who comes.

You can thus understand why the church does not want to say along with John the Baptist, “He must increase, but I must decrease.”  (John 3:30)

Instead, the church (i.e. all of them – Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, and Protestant) says along with the Pharisees, “This is the heir; come, let us kil him and seize his inheritance.”  (Matthew 21:38).

2 Replies to “Roman Catholic Priest Father Robert Barron Acknowledges That the Church Fades Away When Christ Comes”

  1. @ Mike Gantt:

    You have been haunting Catholic web sites for some time intentionally provoking sincere Catholics with your spurious theology and antagonistic remarks with your spurious theology that there should be no churches, no denominations, no corporate worship, no ministers. Just individuals shut up in their homes with their Bibles and going about their own personal business. How unbiblical, how anti-social. And now you are copy/pasting statements from those websites and presenting them as original posts on your blog because you really have nothing of substance to say? Trolling for hits by stirring up supermarket tabloid controversy, pathetic.

  2. Michael,

    You accuse me falsely.

    You accuse me of “haunting” Catholic web sites and then go on to accuse me of being “anti-social” and encouraging people to stay “shut up in their homes.” How can I be anti-social if I am engaging people?

    I do not single out Catholic people. Examine my blogs and see that I engage atheists as well as Christians. I love every one of my fellow human beings. They are all beloved before God.

    I take no credit on my blog for content that comes from other blogs. I always link to the original site and give proper credit. If anything, I am promoting traffic to their sites.

    I write four blogs. The other three contain only my original writings. This is the only blog where I link to other sites, and even with that I still write a great deal of original content on this blog.

    I have no interest in stirring up controversy. I just want to proclaim the Lord Jesus Christ and His favor to all of us. If you find that proclamation controversial perhaps you should reexamine your love for Him.

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