My Last Post on Father Barron’s YouTube Channel

Mike Gantt

Mike Gantt 59 minutes ago

Although Father Barron has not asked me to cease posting here, enough of you have that I feel compelled to oblige. Therefore, I’ve unsubscribed from this channel and won’t be visiting this site anymore.

In closing, I remind you that His kingdom, not church, is the means of His rule and grace in our age, and thus it is to Him we must constantly be turned if we would have His countenance to shine upon us. Let us all repent of all sin and live with purified hearts in His presence.

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[Editorial note, October 15, 2016:  This post used to include a link back to this exchange on Father Barron’s YouTube site so that you could see my comment in that context if you wanted.  However, that link no longer works, and I don’t know why.  Something changed on his end.  It appears that he, or someone else there, has removed the entire dialogue.]

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