James McGrath on Christology

Dr. James McGrath of Butler University published a post on Larry Hurtado’s “Early High Christology Club.”  (Larry’s original post on the subject can be found here, and a follow-up post on the subject here.)  In James’ post, he made reference to his own views on Christology, but without explaining them.  When I asked, Kaz left the following comment with links.

Mike: You can discern much of James’ position vis-a-vis Christology from the following writings, all of which are available online free of charge:

1) God’s Equal or God’s Agent? John 5:16-47 in Johannine Legitimation

2) Food for Thought: The Bread of Life Discourse (John 6:25-71) in Johannine

3) Are Christians Monotheists? The Answer of St. John’s Gospel [Editorial Note 7/16/2015: this page no longer available]

4) Two Powers’ and Early Jewish and Christian Monotheism (with Jerry Truex)

5) Change in Christology: New Testament Models and the Contemporary Task

6) Monotheism and Worship in the Book. of Revelation (chapter 5 from The Only True God)

7) John’s Apologetic Christology (unabridged original thesis that was later re-done and released in book form)

Subsequently, James added the following comment:

Thanks for rounding up so many of my online bits and pieces. There are also some additional parts of The Only True God available in the preview on Google Books, I believe.

Mike, If that doesn’t provide what you are looking for, please let me know!

I will add that the exchanges between James and Kaz in this comment thread (the original context from which I pulled the comments above) are informative as well.

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