The “Orwellification” of Immorality

I am 61. In my lifetime I have personally witnessed the sea change from homosexuality being considered sin to homosexuality being considered normal and “homophobia” being considered a sin. Concurrent with this change has been the semantic transformation of homosexual or sodomite to “gay.” Of course, “homophobia” and “gay” are Orwellian terms to help make the unpalatable palatable (what Israel’s prophets would have said was “calling good evil and evil good”). For a generation ago, the idea of society encouraging homosexual activity by offering social approbation and financial benefits for those making such activities permanent was so absurd that no one ever thought a law would be needed to prohibit it.

Our country is in desperate moral condition, and it is worsening at an increasing rate. My generation (the baby boomers) has been foremost in the embrace of immorality, all in the name of freedom (another euphemism – this one for licentiousness). We need widespread repentance if we are to spare our children and grandchildren the awful consequences of our choices. I currently see no sign on the horizon that this is forthcoming and therefore grieve all the more deeply about it.

[I first wrote this as a comment to Denny Burke’s blog post, “The Gospel and a Christophobic public culture.”]

July 17, 2015 – some additional thoughts:

What Orwell taught us, of course, was that he who seeks to commandeer the vocabulary seeks to 1) control thought, and 2) win the argument.  And indeed many arguments are being made today by insistence on the use of certain vocabulary in any discussion of the issue.  An example would be “marriage equality.”  If you can get your opponent to call your position “marriage equality” then he is automatically at a disadvantage because it infers that he is arguing for marriage inequality.  For more of these euphemisms and how they are being used in today’s discussions about morality, see Glossary of Euphemisms Designed to Whitewash Immorality.

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