5 Replies to ““The Rage of Unbelief” by Robin Schumacher”

  1. I find it interesting that Christianity Religion and the ‘Church’ in all its myriad of corrupt manifestations that has held humanity in thrall for nearly 2 thousand years is now whining that it is being called to account?
    For shame! It gets upset because of a little name calling?
    It pouts because someone gives William Lane Craig, arguably the most obtuse apologist ever to take to a stage a run for his money and refuses to allow his pithy take on Christianity?
    Oh, dear. What ARE we to do?

    Actually….very little. Nature has a way of balancing things quite nicely, thank you very much and she will see to it that silly religion and all its nonsense will fade away.Just a little bit of patience, that’s all.

    Meantime, religious debates are the flavour of the moment, are they not? William Lane Craig is a bit of a silly chump. Knowledgeable, there is no denying. But he is an evangelist and an apologetic, lets’always remember this, so truth is not something he is very familiar with.
    “Move along there, nothing to see. Show’s over folks…”

  2. If you had read the linked post, you would have found these two sentences at the end of it.

    “If you haven’t received Christ yet and experienced His truth and liberty, why not do that today? Lose the rage and anger and let something much better fill your heart.”

    That’s advice that will do you some good.

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