Paul L. Maier on the Empty Tomb – Apologetics 315

“If all the evidence is weighed carefully and fairly, it is indeed justifiable, according to the canons of historical research, to conclude that the sepulcher of Joseph of Arimathea, in which Jesus was buried, was actually empty on the morning of the first Easter. And no shred of evidence has yet been discovered in literary sources, epigraphy, or archaeology that would disprove this statement.”

– Historian Paul L. Maier

via Paul L. Maier on the Empty Tomb – Apologetics 315.

Psalms Where God Is Called the King

These are psalms wherein God or the Lord is referred to as King.  An example would be “You are my King, O God” (Psalm 44:4) or “The Lord is King forever and ever” (Psalm 10:16).  In addition to the psalm number, the verse number of the specific location of “king” is cited.

This list does not include allusions to God being the king – “For the kingdom is the Lord’s”  (Psalm 22:28; see also Psalm 145:11, 12, 13), nor “the Lord reigns” (Psalm 93:1), nor “Your throne” (Psalm 93:2).  Allusions like these would be entirely appropriate for studying this subject, but would take more time to search out than I have now.

This list can be compared and contrasted with a list of royal psalms (wherein God is mentioned along with a king).



24:7, 8, 9, 10



47:2, 6, 7










How Many People, Christians, and Catholics?

The Pew Forum report linked below gives a basis for making the following approximations:

People in the world – 7 billion

Christians in the world – 2.2 billion (almost one out of three)

Catholics in the world – 1.1 billion  (50% of Christians)

Protestants in the world – 0.8 billion (37% of Christians)

Orthodox in the world – 0.250 billion (12% of Christians)

Global Christianity – A Report on the Size and Distribution of the World’ s Christian Population- Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life (December 19, 2011).

For What Does Christendom Stand?

The Pew Forum report referenced below tells us that there are roughly 2.2 billion Christians in a world of 7 billion people.  Thus Christianity is professed by about one-third of humanity.  For what do these 2.2 billion people stand?

That a clear answer does not come immediately to mind indicates there is a problem.

Global Christianity – A Report on the Size and Distribution of the World’ s Christian Population- Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life (December 19, 2011).

“The Mission” (1986 film)

The Mission is a 1986 British drama film about the experiences of a Jesuit missionary in 18th century South America (more from Wikipedia).

This film provides an ironic and intensely dramatic demonstration of how organized religion – even when motivated by truth and compassion – traps and harms its adherents.  Selfless missionaries manage to convert a hostile and warring South American tribe into peace-loving, industrious, and humble workers, only to doom the latter to destruction by binding them to the mission instead of freeing them to escape approaching national powers.

Whether it’s the converted Mendoza who leads the tribesmen with the sword or the pacifist Father Gabriel who leads them to slaughter, the tribesmen are defeated and destroyed.  Neither violence nor non-violence will save those who are in the grip of organized religion.

Organized religion is a system, a way of thinking that affects and infects not only the globally-powerful Roman Catholic Church but also the small out-of-the-way mission in South America.  It is the pathology that results when we are not content to let God led and manage His own kingdom.

Let us proclaim the truth of Jesus Christ while forsaking any attempt to organize those who would believe in Him.