The Apostolic Bible Polyglot – General Introduction

Charles Van der Pool says (starting at about 3:00 to 3:35):

“One of the greatest advantages in using the Apostolic Bible is the wonderful correlation between the Greek Old and New Testament words, so you can look up a New Testament word, its number, and go back to the Old Testament and find out how the word was used in the Old Testament and all this information of the context of that word will give you more information for the New Testament usage, and vice versa.”

YouTube description:

Join Charles Van der Pool the translator of The Apostolic Bible Polyglot with chapter-by-chapter video seminars going through The Apostolic Bible. The Apostolic Bible Polyglot is a numerically coded Greek-English Old(LXX) & New Testament interlinear Bible. The AB-Strong numbering system corresponds to The Lexical Concordance , The English-Greek Index and The Analytical Lexicon of The Apostolic Bible Polyglot. With twenty-five years of experience in translating the Greek scriptures Charles Van der Pool offers an insight into the Word with emphasis on the wonderful correlation of Greek New Testament words which appear in the Greek Old Testament (LXX) and vice versa. Go to for the in-depth website.

I have owned and used this tool for several years and value it highly.

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