John MacArthur :: Value of the Word of God – YouTube

John MacArthur :: Value of the Word of God – YouTube.

John MacArthur speaks about John Hus (Jan Hus) in the beginning of this message, and again at the end.  MacArthur does a great job of conveying respect and awe for the courage and truth of Hus.

MacArthur quotes Hus as saying, “The Bible is the final authority in all things spiritual.”

MacArthur goes on to describe the three beliefs which John Hus proclaimed and for which he was burned at the stake:

  1. The church consists of believers
  2. The Bible has greater authority than the church
  3. Jesus, not the pope, is the head of the church

All three of these truths sharply contradicted Roman Catholic teaching of that day, yet they are truths that evangelicals take for granted today.  (There is a movie about John Hus which can be found here.)

Here are a few quotes of MacArthur later in his message:

“When I go to church I want to know [just one thing]: what my Lord asks of me.”

“The Greek word ‘doulos’ should always be translated as ‘slave,’ but often isn’t.”

“The translations of ‘bond-servant’ or ‘servant’ for doulos when referring to a believer is always [inappropriate; it should be ‘slave.’]

“‘Bond-servant’ is an old English concept, not a biblical one.”

“The foundational reality [of Christian life] is that Jesus is Kurious and we are doulos [or douloi, which is the plural of doulos].”

“Slaves were chosen, bought, owned, subject to, dependent on, disciplined and rewarded.”

“Scripture is the voice of the head of the church.”

“[Preachers] disseminate the mind of Christ.”

“[Preachers] bring the slaves their Master’s will.”

I think John MacArthur has some good ideas in this message, but I also think he misses a very important one – which I addressed to him in an open letter in September 2011.

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