Royal baby name revealed: George Alexander Louis

It’s always a joy when a new life is born into the world.  However, the widespread and intense fascination with the royal family is altogether curious.  It demonstrates an ongoing interest in pomp and circumstance when a desire for the rule of royalty has long since passed.

It can remind you of the way many Christians regard their God – that is, worthy of lip service but not of obedience.  People love their princes and princesses, but that love would quickly evaporate if the princes and princesses started telling their admirers how to live.  Similarly with God, many people want to talk about their devotion to Him but there’s no sign of His commanding and their obeying.

I’m told that women particularly are enraptured by the idea of marrying a prince and being elevated to royalty, thus identifying closely with Kate Middleton.  Yet if these women knew the truth about Christ, they would recognize that He elevates everyone associated with Him in ways much more important than palatial trappings.

Let joy over the royal baby continue, but let there be no less joy for any other child born into this world.  In God’s eyes, each and every one of them is worthy of our attention and rejoicing.

Royal baby name revealed: George Alexander Louis – CBS News.

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