The Religion of Pop and Media Culture

Here are some public service announcements (PSA’s) which reflect modern pop and media culture values:

These announcements are so similar from one network to the next, and so consistent with the “moral of the story” that comes through most television dramas, sitcoms, movies, and such that we can only infer that there is some religious code to which all media personalities must subscribe.

In other words, pop and media culture appears to be a religion – with its own commandments.  Media personalities are the priests of this religion; regular folks don’t get to do any of the important stuff.  If we were to locate a copy of this religion’s ten commandments, it might look something like this:

  1. Thou shalt rarely refer to God.
  2. Thou shalt never refer to Jesus Christ.
  3. An exception to the second commandment is that you may mention “Jesus Christ” if it is, in whole or part, an expletive.  In fact, this is encouraged.
  4. Thou shalt form your idea of morally-acceptable behavior around what is politically acceptable to the most people.  Strive for the lowest common denominator (e.g. embrace everyone, except that you can come out strongly against unrepentant and still-active ax-wielding serial killers).
  5. Because of the fourth commandment, thou shalt only teach sappy platitudes.
  6. Thou shalt preach these sappy platitudes as often as possible to as many people as possible.  Act smug when you do it.
  7. Act as if your vacuous teachings are morally superior to anyone else’s – past or present.  That is, assume you are on the leading edge of moral evolution.  (Act like you believe that God Himself wishes He could be as good as you.)
  8. Thou shalt assume that anyone who fears God is a bigot or, at the very least, old-fashioned  and out of touch with what’s truly important in life.  Reserve your greatest contempt for these people.  (That is, you can have compassion on the unrepentant stil-active ax-wielding serial killer but not on anyone who talks of pleasing God.)
  9. Keep lowering your moral standards as society continues to decay.  Above all, worship success, because it makes everyone okay and gives you good self-esteem.
  10. Thou shalt insist everyone else adhere to all these commandments even if it violates their own conscience before God to do so.  After all, you are right because you are current with pop and media culture (and God Himself wishes He was as good a person as you are).

Modern media won’t let you do their PSA’s unless you are committed to these ten commandments.  It’s a religion and they practice it as zealously as anyone ever practiced a religion.  Sure, it’s godless – but when you think as highly of yourself as they do, where is there any space above that to think of God?

God help us.

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