The Real Problem with the Fox News’ Lauren Green’s Interview of Reza Aslan

If you haven’t heard of the brouhaha, it is described here:  Video: Fox News’ Lauren Green asks Reza Aslan why Muslim would be interested in Jesus.

I had written about this briefly a few days ago.

The real problem with that interview was that the interviewer buried the lead. The point was not that Aslan did wrong either by writing a book about Jesus or by promoting it. Rather, the point was that the mainstream media had been interviewing him without sufficiently disclosing his current Muslim and erstwhile Evangelical background. There is nothing newsworthy about a Musilm writing a book against the divinity of Jesus just as there would be nothing newsworthy about a Christian writing a book in favor of it. By downplaying Aslan’s Muslim orientation, the mainstream media made it look as if this book represented some new historical perspective on Jesus, when in fact this perspective, according to William Lane Craig, is at least as old as Albert Schweitzer’s The Quest of the Historical Jesus, published in 1906.

The interviewer wrongly placed the blame for the media’s anti-evangelical bias on the author. Of course, he, too, has an anti-Evangelical bias, but he was upfront about his – disclosing it in the beginning of his book.

[These comments originally appeared as an answer this question on Quora.]

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