The Childfree Life

Time magazine’s August 12, 2013 cover story is “The ChildFree Life: When Having It All Means Not Having Children.”


The American birthrate is at a record low. What happens when having it all means not having children?

via The Childfree Life – TIME.

Out-of-wedlock births are increasing while married women are having fewer children.  What madness!

To suggest that “having it all” might mean “not having children” illustrates how far the world has gone in its rejection of God in its quest for self-seeking.  

The world at large – pop culture, if you prefer to call it that – is living in defiant rebellion against its Creator.  The contempt that this world heaps on the God-fearing minority in its midst only grows with each passing year.  The judgments this world is bringing on itself are going to be painful, and they have only just begun.

In the meantime, God bless the mothers.  They bear their children in pain, but it is the kind of pain that leads to joy.  The pain brought on by the selfishness of the world will lead only to despair.

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  1. Over the past decade or so, never had an invitation to a wedding. The only weddings that we do see happen, are when the Cape Malay Muslims marry. To them, marriage and family are important and so are their weddings. Careers are important because people believe that they should deem their own satisfaction higher than raising eternal spirits for His kingdom. Our entire culture is based upon hedonism and not in obedience to Christ Jesus.

    Oh, the traditional, indigenous Africans still marry and have children. They tend to be more focused upon God and better worshipers than those of us here who are descendent from Europe. In fact, I do not have a single white male friend but many black brothers in Christ Jesus. They are devout family men and their cultural traditions endow them with a much higher morality than the white tribes here. Perhaps they are setting an excellent example for “us” to follow, as they are answering to a prophetic call in Isaiah 18.

    Western civilisation is an oxymoron. A text book example at that.

  2. Dear Pieter –
    Jesus Christ never married. He said that those who followed him would have his fate. I suppose this means that women who do not marry and do not have children have more faith in him than you do.

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