It Takes a Child to Save a Village

You’ve heard it said that “it takes a village to raise a child.”  Of course, this is not true.  What’s true in that regard is that it takes a mother and father to raise a child – the ones who conceived him.

Why then do I say that it takes a child to save a village?  Because only when a society recognizes that its primary role is to see that its families are allowed to conceive, birth, and raise children – only then can that society be saved from its own hedonistic tendencies.  That is, only when a society acts in such a way as to protect the most vulnerable of its citizens is it being saved, or redeemed, from its own selfish interests.

American society today kills many children before they are ever born.  For the ones who do manage to get born, government policy and the media culture work together to weaken the bonds of marriage which are intended to provide a secure and nurturing environment for the child.  How do they do this?  One way is by making divorce simple instead of difficult.  Another is by subsidizing the widespread distribution of contraceptives to minors.  Yet another is by demeaning true marriage with the notion of “gay marriage.”  These trends, and more, undermine the mother-father family that God gave for bringing children into the world.

There is one fact beyond dispute or argument:  every human being is going to die.  Therefore, the task of every generation must be to prepare the next one to take its place.  If we truly put the children first, we will save ourselves…and die with some honor instead of with a lot of shame.

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